Living Proof’s Just-Reformulated Dry Shampoo Is the Key to *Actually* Clean Day-3 Hair

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The acronym for Living Proof's fan-favorite dry shampoo, PhD, is really apt: While it technically stands for “Perfect hair Day,” it also calls to mind the high degree of research behind the brand. A group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology-based biotech scientists first launched it over 15 years ago with the goal of creating silicone-free yet super-effective hair products. While Perfect hair Day dry shampoo, for one, has long satisfied that goal, Living Proof went ahead and innovated it even further, with its new, just-relaunched version: Living Proof Perfect hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo.

To level up the already beloved product, the brand’s scientists and stylists homed in on the top general gripes related to dry shampoo: the white, powdery layer it can leave behind, and the way it can cause matting at the roots. So, what’s particularly advanced about the new formulation is its ability to do its job to a T, and then—this is the key part—seamlessly disappear.

As for how that process works, let’s consider the ingredients. While some no-white-cast dry shampoos use lighter starches that drift off easily (rather than settling) after soaking up grease—which is totally fine for slightly dirty hair—the new Living Proof dry shampoo still uses absorptive powders for maximum efficacy. But thanks to two innovations, no residue sticks around.

First of those innovations is the pump, which is designed to spread the powders evenly with each spritz. And second is the powders themselves, which are engineered to be fast-absorbing and to sweep right off the hair once they’re activated (aka, once they’ve encapsulated all the sweat, sebum, and whatever other grime may be living rent-free in your hair).

All of that is to say, you won’t get that textural feel after using the new Living Proof dry shampoo, which other similar products can supply. And to me, that’s a huge win; I’m typically reaching for dry shampoo when I just want to clear away the greasy slickness that shows up on my three-days-post-wash hair, and to regain the feel and look of a true clean.

The new Living Proof formula also includes a blend of conditioning ingredients, which help to ensure it doesn’t leave strands feeling, well, too clean or stripped of moisture. And it has a milder scent that won’t overpower with each spray, even in tiny apartment bathrooms (speaking from experience here).

How to use the new Living Proof dry shampoo:

First, shake the can vigorously before spraying. This helps suspend the powders in the solution and allows for an overall even application. Part your hair to reveal the oiliest section near the roots, and then hold the product about 10 to 12 inches away from your head while you spray in a sweeping motion, and repeat after flipping your part to uncover other oily regions. (One of the biggest mistakes people make with dry shampoo is spraying it too close to the hair, which doesn’t give the powder particles time to separate from the solution’s wet ingredients—so, they end up adding undue wetness upon landing.)

After you spritz, wait a whole 30 seconds (yes, count it out) before massaging hair near the scalp to release any remaining powders. Allowing this much time ensures the powders can effectively sop up all that grease before you zhuzh them out.

When (exactly) to use it for the best results:

While dry shampoo is designed for dirty hair (put it to use on day-two or -three post-wash), it’s not going to replace a shower-clean on hair that’s basically (or literally) dripping with sweat. To amp its powers, though, you might try spritzing it on before you go to sleep, which can prevent oils from matting or weighing down hair overnight. Another option: Prep your hair with a spray of dry shampoo before a sweat-inducing workout in order to keep the sweat from settling in at the roots.

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