This 5-In-1 Hair Styler Has Won 11 Beauty Awards Because It’s Actually Good for All Hair Types

If you win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, you earn the honorary title of “EGOT.” While there’s no equivalent honor in the wonderful world of beauty, the award would certainly go to Living Proof 5-In-1 Styling Treatment ($29). The winner of 11 Beauty Awards—including the Teen Vogue Best Beauty Awards, the Martha Stewart Weddings Big Day Beauty Awards, and the Swedish Beauty Award—the Swiss Army Knife product provides a shiny-sleek blowout, no matter your hair type.

Peep the reviews section of the Living Proof website and you’ll find folks with all different hair textures raving about the styler. The product gets its five-in-one rep for its ability to add smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish into strands, but it does even more than that thanks to the fact that it also acts as a heat and UV protectant. Plus, it's safe for chemically- and color-treated hair.

According to reviewers, it really does deliver on its multipurpose promise. “Sold for life” and “light and yet strong enough to set a style” are just a couple of the phrases tossed around in the comments. But what seems to impress people most of all is just how little you need to get your hair from damp to, “Damn, I have a lot of volume!”

Living Proof’s ingredients are aimed at doing just that. The formula is the brand’s only product that contains their signature “healthy hair" and "thickening" molecules, which, together, smooth your hair and make it look fuller. The product is situated in the company’s PhD (“Perfect hair Day”) collection, and promises even more benefits if you use it with its family.

I, for one, am not one to argue with a product that caters to every hair texture and has a beauty EGOT. So I got a bottle of my own and headed to the shower to wash (or, okay, rinse) my hair. Once I towel dried my waves, I smoothed Living Proof’s formula into my hair, then pulled out my Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. When I was done with my DIY blowout, I noticed that my hair looks shiny, voluminous, and healthy—I could have tricked anyone into thinking I was fresh off of a haircut.

Then came the final test. As someone whose hair tends to flatten as the day wears on, I decided to see how my PhD treatment faired as lunchtime fades into afternoon. And I was pleased to find that—unlike me—my hair did not experience the afternoon slump.  And the award goes to…

Curious about how to hack your hair-care routine based on texture? Check out the video below.

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