Here’s Proof That the Legendary L.L.Bean Still Makes the World’s Best Winter Gear

This winter, are you going to cuddle up and embrace the hygge factor? Maybe you'll get out into the mountains and enjoy the friluftsliv? Or perhaps you're thinking you'll romp in the snow with your quarantine pod koselig-style? Whatever you decide to do, you'll want to keep yourself optimally cozy. And for that, look no further than Maine, where classic American company L.L.Bean has been manufacturing the very best winter gear since 1912.

Maybe when you think of L.L.Bean you can only recall dusty memories of combing through a catalog, but hear me out! The famous (and famously reliable) brand actually has some low-key cute wares to get you through these harsh low-temp months. And to be completely honest, comfort is probably going to be key to survival (as it was all year), so you'll want to stock up on stylish sweatpants and fleece-lined everything. Don't worry, we'll guide you in the right direction.

Here's the  L.L.Bean winter gear Well+Good staffers are loving right now

1. Women's Bean Boots, $139

If you need winter shoes that can trek through a blizzard and beyond, look no further than this pair. First produced in 1912, the duck boots have stability features a podiatrist would swoon over, and (of course) editor approval.

"You can't know L.L.Bean and not call out their classic duck boot—they keep your feet warm and dry (important!) and basically eliminate the need for traditional 'snow" boots,'" says Well+Good managing editor Samantha Leal. "They also last forever."

Shop Now: Women's Bean Boots, $139

2. Women's Stretch Ripstop Pull-On Pants, Fleece-Lined, $89

Are you looking for the perfect pants to throw on for walking the dog or getting your steps in when the temps drop? According to Well+Good executive editor Abbey Stone, those would be the fleece-lined ripstop pull-on pants.

"These cotton pants are just the right amount of slouchy—note that they run just a smidge big, so if you're between sizes or prefer tighter pants, I recommend sizing down—and the fleece lining feels like your favorite blanket," says Stone.

Shop Now: Women's Stretch Ripstop Pull-On Pants, Fleece-Lined, $89

3. Women's Unshrinkable Mini-Waffle Tee, Long-Sleeve Crewneck, $45

And if you need something to pair it with, we got you covered! A basic long sleeve (or four) are winter must haves for lounging or layering.

"This waffle tee is not too tight, not too thin, and perfectly soft," says Stone. "Once you put it on, you won't want to take it off, so go ahead and get one in every color."

Shop Now: Women's Unshrinkable Mini-Waffle Tee, Long-Sleeve Crewneck, $45

4. Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt, Sherpa-Lined Zip Hoodie, $89

We would be failing you if we didn't include at least one plaid flannel, right? It's a winter staple, and this plaid rendition keeps you from looking "too lumberjack" or "too lead singer of Nirvana."

"Maybe it's my New England coming out, but this sherpa-lined flannel zip hoodie is my go-to these days for when I need to leave my apartment and look put together, but still want to feel as if I'm at home on the couch," says Kendall Bryant, director of product at Well+Good. "I wear it as a sweatshirt, jacket, or layer it under a vest. The only problem? Deciding which plaid to get it in."

Shop Now: Women's Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt, Sherpa-Lined Zip Hoodie, $89

5. Adults’ Merino Wool Ragg Socks, 10’’ Two-Pack, $35

Okay, L.L.Bean didn't technically invent wool socks. But if you slide on a pair of these foot-sweaters, you'd certainly believe that they did.

"These are the definition of classic," says senior news editor Jamie Thilman. "I wear them 365 days a year—with shorts and sneakers on a hike or jeans and boots walking around the city. They're thick and warm, but moisture-wicking wool keeps your feet dry."

Shop Now: Adults’ Merino Wool Ragg Socks, 10’’ Two-Pack, $35

6. Women's Wicked Good Moccasins, $79


And speaking of keeping your feet warm (a real specialty of the brand) why not have something for around the house? Witness these perfect moccasins; they come in all sorts of colors beyond beige (digging the red), and are currently the wardrobe hero for Well+Good director of creative development Ella Dove.

"These over-fluffed gems are the perfect all-day shoe, and offer just enough tread so I don't slide around," says Dove. "Hot tip: size down if you're between sizes, they do stretch out."

Shop Now: Women's Wicked Good Moccasins, $79

7. Personalized Explorer Collar, $30

Okay, this isn't for you. However, if you take your pup on frosty little walks, this might be a good swap for classic dog tags.

"I read an article in Psychology Today that explains how the jingle of tags on a collar 'hijacks' your dog's sense of hearing," says Thilman. "That prompted me to buy this personalized collar for my mom's best friend, an 11-month-old golden retriever. It's embroidered with her name (the dog's) and phone number (my mom's), eliminating the constant jingle that was stressing her out. It's machine washable, reflective, and comes in three beautiful colors: berry, fern, and sapphire."

Shop Now: Personalized Explorer Collar, $30

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