This Well-ified Alarm Clock Will Help You Keep Your Phone Out of Bed

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This extended period of time spent at home has made me really freaked out by the amount of hours I spend on my phone. It's the hub for everything—my alarms, to-do lists, connection... even phone-free time like meditating begins with finding a guided session on my phone. So when I saw an ad for the Loftie Clock, a suped-up alarm clock that's here to help us redefine our relationships with our phones, I knew I had to have one.

"We never set out to design an alarm clock," says Matt Hassett, founder and CEO of Loftie, who explains the goal was to help people use their smartphones less. "These devices are really addictive and so we thought what was really needed was technology that was designed to make you feel good and designed to help you take a little break from your phone."

Loftie Clock

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  • Matt Hassett, Matt Hassett is the founder and CEO of sleep-tech brand Loftie.

Loftie is much more than your standard alarm clock. It wakes you up with soothing sounds and is full of calming tools to help you fall asleep from white noise and storm sounds to breathwork sessions and sleep podcasts. All of this is accessed through the clock, rendering your phone unnecessary. Bonus: the sleek black shell gives it a clean and modern look.

However, it does connect to an app on your phone through Wi-Fi allowing you to set alarm schedules. Meaning you can have a different wake-up time on weekdays than weekends without having to manually change your alarm on Friday and Sunday nights.

The alarm has two stages: wake up and get up. The wake-up stage happens at your alarm time and gently lulls you awake with gentle tones like birds chirping or gongs for about a minute. If you don't turn it off it, 10 minutes after your original alarm time the clock enters get-up mode. You'll hear a more forceful but still light and bouncy tune that'll play until you shut it off. Both settings have options so you can choose tones that work best for you.

When you need a moment of relaxation, whether that's first thing in the morning, before bed, or any time in between, Loftie is equipped with frequency tones ranging from white noise to brown noise and sounds scapes like campfire and morning rain. It also includes guided breathwork exercises, sound baths, classical music, and select episodes of bedtime story podcasts like Snoozecast.

The Wi-Fi connection means the clock can get updates which brings access to an always-expanding library. "We'll be adding a lot more content," says Hassett. "Next year we'll be launching like a subscription service, but everyone who buys it now will always have [the internal library]." As the library grows, there will eventually be a feature where you can sift through the full offerings on the Loftie app and then choose your favorites to be accessible from the Loftie Clock. And a soon-to-come update will allow you to also use Loftie as a Bluetooth speaker.

The Loftie Clock also has a backup battery so you don't risk missing your alarm if the power goes out and a built-in night light. The light is great for getting you a bit of light when you need it but it doesn't function as a sunrise alarm. Currently, I use my Loftie with my Casper Glow Light ($129) but Hassett says future Loftie innovations and updates will provide synched sunrise alarm capacity. Though brightness settings allow you to pick the perfect screen light setting. The screen blacks out when you hold down the snooze button, perfect for light-sensitive sleepers.

I love my Loftie because it does exactly what it's designed to do. I can access a library full of wellness tools to help me unwind without risking the chance that I open my phone and accidentally end up on TikTok for an hour. Ready for your own Loftie? Grab it through the Well+Good Shop.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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