Jennifer Aniston Spills on the One Beauty Product Her Friends Are Begging Her To Create

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When Jennifer Aniston launched LolaVie, in 2021, the brand had been nearly five years in the making. From the outset, the actor-turned-beauty-founder was adamant about creating hair-care products that didn't require people to choose between naturally derived formulas and ones that actually worked. What started with a single Glossing Detangler has expanded into a full six-product line that delivers on both fronts. And now, just in time for the brand's second birthday next month, each and every one of them is available for sale at Credo Beauty.

Science-backed, plant-based ingredients have always been at the core of LolaVie's ethos, which made it easy for its formulas to live up to Credo's strict Clean Standards. “When we were developing LolaVie, it was essential to me that our products had to be free of all the bad stuff—parabens, silicones, sulfates, and more—and of course, at the top of the list, cruelty-free as well,” Aniston says in a press release. "I admire Credo’s commitment to offering good-for-you products that give you results. They truly go above and beyond to ensure products are safe for consumers and that resonates with our mission at LolaVie."

It’s one thing to create good-for-you formulations with naturally derived ingredients—plenty of hair-care brands do just that, and for Aniston, that was table stakes. But LolaVie's products go above and beyond with clean, accessible, effective formulas.

"It's not just about keeping the products clean and having them do what they claim to do, but it's also about protecting your hair from heat and making it more manageable," Aniston tells Well+Good.

With that in mind, she wanted to ensure that LolaVie's products could keep hair healthy—and looking great—both immediately after application and in the long term.  “What I've learned over the years and years of abuse that I've put my hair through is that some ingredients are extraordinary at first, and you see such a beautiful difference in the quality of your hair, but then the build-up of them creates damage," she says. "We wanted to be better. You don't want to have something that's great for a little while, and then over time, it just loses its luster.”

In line with Aniston's own effortless approach to beauty, simplicity is key here. With six works-for-everyone products to choose from, LolaVie's line makes it simple to craft—and stick to—a routine. "We wanted it to work for curls, for straight hair, for all different textures, which was a challenge," she says. And it's safe to say she's done exactly that.

As for what’s next, Aniston is staying tight-lipped, though she does mention one styling product she’s been testing. And, of course, there’s the long wishlist of LolaVie launches fans are pushing for.

“The amount of people begging me to create a body lotion!” she laughs. “My girlfriends are literally using the oil on their arms. They're getting scentless body cream and just dropping the oil into it. I was like, ‘This is a great idea. We've gotta get on this one, guys.’”

For now, LolaVie body products are simply a dream, but we’ll be the first in line to purchase if (and when, fingers crossed) it comes to fruition. Until then, we’ll be heading to Credo to stock up on our LolaVie favorites—more on those below.

LolaVie, Restorative Shampoo — $29.00

Packed with good-for-you ingredients like niacinamide, vegetable ceramides, chia seeds, and biotin, this shampoo repairs existing damage while nourishing the scalp and hair to prevent future damage. Plus, it makes dull, lackluster hair a thing of the past thanks to its hydrating, strengthening formula.

LolaVie, Restorative Conditioner — $29.00

Frizzy, dry hair doesn’t stand a chance against LolaVie’s conditioner, which harnesses the power of botanical extracts from coconut, jackfruit, orange, and chia seeds to provide long-lasting smoothness and shine. It increases hair moisture levels from the inside out without weighing strands down, and promotes the appearance of healthier, fuller hair.

LolaVie, Glossing Detangler — $26.00

Aniston loves a multifunctional product, and the Glossing Detangler, which works on both wet and dry hair, is just that. It adds shine, tames flyaways, improves manageability, and preps hair for heat-styling in just a few spritzes. What’s more, it gives hair that signature LolaVie fresh scent we can’t get enough of.

LolaVie, Perfecting Leave In — $29.00

LolaVie’s Perfecting Leave-In is yet another routine simplifier thanks to its seriously hard-working formula. It simultaneously smoothes and moisturizes while adding just the tiniest bit of texture to keep your style in place. Nourishing rose of Jericho, coconut, and acai work to deeply condition and reduce frizz for softer, more manageable strands.

LolaVie, Intensive Repair Treatment — $35.00

Hair damage? Don’t know her, thanks to this deeply reparative treatment. It harnesses the power of LolaVie Bond Technology to repair breakage and defend against future heat and UV light damage. The result is visibly stronger, healthier hair in just one use.

LolaVie, Lightweight Hair Oil — $32.00

This hair oil adds a healthy shine and lightweight hydration to hair without weighing it down or leaving it greasy. It repairs the appearance of damage, reduces breakage, and even smoothes split ends. Oh, and it fights frizz without compromising natural texture. And it makes a surprisingly good body oil, according to Aniston’s inner circle.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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