A Bottle of ‘8 Second Wonder Water’ for Hair Sells Every Minute

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Getting your hair to look silkier, shinier, and smoother is an investment (in time and money). But L'Oreal designed a hair treatment that does all of that in just eight seconds. It's so good that one is sold every minute, according to the brand.

The L'Oreal Elvive 8-Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment ($9), is free of parabens and silicones and works with any hair type to improve the look of damaged hair.

"Wonder water is a new generation of liquid rinse-out hair treatment that works to visibly transform your hair immediately, making it appear smooth, shiny, and healthy-looking," reads a post on L'Oreal's website. "This lamellar technology wonder water treatment has a lightweight yet effective formula that spreads throughout hair quickly."

"Lamella" is the Latin word for a thin plate or membrane. Like lamellar armor, which is made of thin layers of metal sheets and was used in ancient warfare, the L'Oreal lamellar treatment coats your strands with thin layers of moisturizing agents and amino acids. These ingredients target damaged areas of hair without weighing it down.

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What makes this L'Oreal lamellar treatment so good is that you can use it quickly in the shower. If you're doing a deep-conditioning mask, you'll likely get out of the shower while it sits and then have to get back in (or stick your head in the sink) to rinse it out. Hot oil treatment requires—you guessed it—heating the oil in a way that won't burn your scalp, applying it, and washing it out. But you can easily use the L'Oreal lamellar water two to three times a week after shampooing. Just apply it to wet hair, massage it through your strands for eight seconds, and rinse it out. If you'd like, you can follow up with your usual conditioning routine but it's not necessary.

Hair treatments are a great addition to your wash day to go beyond regular maintenance and actually improve your hair, says Lindsay Victoria, a stylist at Spoke&Weal hair salon in Los Angeles.

“Shampooing is about stripping build-up and oils; conditioning is about hydrating and softening. You can compare it to washing your face and adding moisturizer,” says Victoria. “This is a maintenance ritual for the health of your skin and hair, but treatments for your hair would compare to a facial for your skin. It creates deep repair that keeps a strong, healthy foundation that will show over time.”

The lamellar treatment works in seconds, helping you quickly move on with your day with silky smooth hair. This makes it great to use in between your salon visits or your more involved at-home hair treatments. If longer treatments just aren't your style, the L'Oreal lamellar treatment does the trick.

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