The Waterslyde Faucet Attachment Might Be the Most Simple and Effective Pleasure Accessory Around

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Even without any kind of roadmap for how to access pleasure, many vulva-owners found their way to a surprising source: the bathtub faucet. With our legs outstretched at 90-degree angles, tailbone sitting atop a drain, and upper body becoming increasingly submerged in bath water, the strong, steady stream of water pressure may have felt glorious, but logistical challenges made the whole process of getting into position quite arduous. Well, thanks to a new self-pleasure faucet attachment, the Lovability Waterslyde, we can all re-embrace the tub sessions of our sexiest dreams.

The Waterslyde is billed as a “water diverter,” and the relatively simple-looking hunk of body-safe material solves for every problem associated with bath-time faucet masturbation. Its long, thin attachment is affixed to the bottom of your faucet and redirects water to the center of the tub. This allows not only for more legroom, but for your head and shoulders to rest comfortably on the back of your tub or on a bath pillow.

After seeing so much hype about the Lovability Waterslyde on TikTok, I knew I had to try it for myself. Sadly, after I ordered it, I remembered that I live in an apartment with a stand-up shower. Not to be deterred by plumbing, I snuck the toy into my sister’s home, where she graciously let me take a bath while she was at work. Attaching it to the bathtub faucet was a breeze; it comes with a string already fed through two holes on either side of the plastic. So, all I had to do was tie it to the faucet as if I were tying my own shoes.

My first observation after turning the water on was that the Waterslyde is strangely beautiful. The water cascading from the faucet, through the slide and into the tub was meditative and relaxing—the perfect energy for a spa-like self-pleasure session. The water landed smack in the center of the bathtub, allowing me to lay in a natural position as I used it.

Self Pleasure Faucet Attachment
As you can see, I went with the blue Waterslyde, but it also comes in light pink and violet.

This device is also notably sturdy. There were moments while using it when I was worried the water pressure would rip it right off the faucet, but it never budged. It also allowed for a little bit of give if you wanted to push it to the left or right, but otherwise, it is entirely stationary. The Waterslyde is so simple and smart, I know I’ll be using it all the time (as soon as I live somewhere with a bathtub, that is). In fact, I love this device so much, I felt the need to count the ways.

3 reasons I love the Lovability Waterslyde and you will, too:

1. Sustainability

The Waterslyde is 3-D printed and made from high-impact styrene, a durable and body-safe material. It’s both vegan and recyclable and, just like all the other products made by Lovability, it’s eco-safe. It’s also sustainable in the sense that it never needs to be recharged or have its batteries changed.

2. Accessibility

So many self-pleasure products are not accessible to people who have physical limitations or disabilities. The Waterslyde, being hands-free, makes it accessible to a number of these folks. A partner or loved one can attach it to your faucet and, once there, you can leave it indefinitely. For people with a physical limitation that makes the use of hands or holding a toy difficult, this device allows for pleasure without pain.

3. Cleanliness

The Waterslyde doubles as a hygiene assistant for hands-free cleaning. It’s also perfect for use as a post-bath rinse if you want to make sure there is no trace of bubble bath, Epsom salt, or bath bomb on your vulva before exiting the tub. As we know, the best cleaning agent for your vulva is warm water, and the Waterslyde can deliver that to you in one of the most comfortable settings I can imagine.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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