Tacos Are Back on the Menu for Low-Carb Eaters With This High-Protein Tortilla Swap

Photo: Getty Images/Istetiana
I wish the name of every day started with the letter "T" so that we could enjoy the satisfying alliteration of "Taco Tuesday" to the tune of seven times per week. And if you're living that low-carb or gluten-free life, you can still experience the magic of Taco Tednesday (just watch, it's gonna be a thing) by swapping out the corn or flour tortilla for...an egg.

While I spotted this health-forward hack on the Bulletproof blog, Taco Bell may in fact be the (surprising) brains behind the operation. According to Food&Wine, the fast food chain debuted the tortilla-less taco back in 2017, when the Naked Egg Taco first hit its menu.

This Taco Triday (not giving this one up), skip the drive-thru by frying up your own set of eggs (the Bulletproof blog recommends using ghee to grease your pan, but you should really do you when it comes to choosing a cooking fat) and wrapping them around your fave fixings.

Need some inspo? Try mixing and matching the ingredients below.

Pick your protein: chicken, ground beef, black beans, crispy vegan taco meat

Load up the veggies: sliced peppers, tomatoes, avocado, caramelized onions, mushrooms, lettuce, corn, green chiles

Spice things up: taco seasoning, cilantro, parsley, lime,

Top it off: salsa, guacamole, healthy queso, pico de gallo, sour cream

Eggs are kind of magical: You can also use them to make two-ingredient "squashbread" and supercharged oatmeal

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