8 Low-Light Plants That’ll Thrive Through Fall and Winter

Photo: Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova
Fall and winter can be a tough time for some houseplants. After getting to enjoy plenty of sun during the spring and summer months, they're suddenly faced with a shift toward less sunlight, with shorter and often gloomier days. (This is something that's hard for humans, too, by the way.) Luckily, not all plants need bright sunlight to thrive. With proper watering and a fresh repot, these low-light plants do just fine in the house as the sun sets earlier and earlier in the day.

While there are numerous different low-light plants to choose from for your green-home needs, the following selections are some of the best—and most unique!—options to brighten up your space. Whether you opt for a flowing silver pothos or a wavy rattlesnake plant or one of the other options outlined below, you can't go wrong with one of these plants to keep you company all season long.

8 low-light plants perfect for fall and winter

Photo: Lowe's
Brighter Blooms monstera plant — $50.00

While monsteras grow quicker in bright indirect light environments, they still do really well in low-light situations.

low-light plants
The Sill ZZ plant with planter — $88.00

ZZ plants love medium to low indirect light. And get this: You only need to water them every three to four weeks. Talk about low-maintenance.

low-light plants
Bloomscape dracaena marginata open weave with planter — $199.00

This large plant is super eye-catching with its woven stems and spiky leaves. Extra bonus: It removes chemicals from the air.

low-light plants
Costa Farms snake plant — $22.00

The snake plant is one of the easiest plants to take care of. Aside from being completely happy in low-light situations, it also doesn’t need much water.

The Sill baby rubber plant with planter — $80.00

The Peperomia obtusifolia—aka the “baby rubber plant”—is pet-friendly, tolerates low indirect light, and sets itself apart from other houseplants with its unique thick green spoon-shaped leaves.

low-light plants
Silver pothos with planter — $67.00

This isn’t a regular pothos. It’s a cool pothos. It’s fuller, has heart-shaped leaves with silvery-gray markings, and does great in low-light areas.

Costa Farms mass cane with pot — $70.00

This easy-to-grow mass cane plant, also often known as a corn plant, has pretty green leaves with a golden center, thrives in low-light areas, and comes in a cute sea grass basket.

The Sill calathea rattlesnake plant with planter — $86.00

This unique plant has long, wavy leaves that look look like snake markings. Also cool? Every leaf has a pretty purple underside.


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