This 15-Minute Lower-Body Barre Routine Makes You Stronger, Centered, and Supported

The latest episode of Good Moves features a lower-body barre routine courtesy of Barre3 owner Alicia Sokol that's designed to set limbs aquiver. Okay, so, technically your legs don't need to shake in order to build muscle—in fact, the quivering might mean you're not giving yourself ample rest between sets. Keep that in mind as you run through this 15-minute workout video. In any case, it's a simple routine designed to help you shape and tone your lower extremities.

"We're going to use a small range of motion to really burn into our muscles... and then we're going to flush it out and do some large range of motion [exercises] that are going to feel really good and get your heart rate up," says Sokol.

Sokol's 15-minute lower-body barre routine requires no props—not even a barre, in case you were worried. And barre beginners are more than welcome as there's nothing in the workout that requires prior experience. Plus, she offers modifications for movements that may be difficult on the joints (or just plain difficult) for some.

One of the best things about this workout, however, is that it requires very little space, so it's perfect for whatever closet-sized area you've carved out as your gym over the course of the past year. And even as actual gyms and studios reopen (finally!), this routine remains ideal for squeezing in on days when you don't have time for the commitment required of a full class. "[It's] worth it to make you stronger, more centered, more supported," says Sokol. Press play on the video above to get started.

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