Balance Is a Key to Longevity, and This 14-Minute Stability Workout Will Help Improve Yours

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When you think about working out, the word "strength," in its many forms, may be the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, working on muscle gains is an investment in longevity and well-being, but an exercise regimen can also lend to your ability to feel stable and coordinated within your own body. And that's why this week's episode of Trainer of the Month Club, led by Nike Trainer Tara Nicolas, is focused on finding freedom in controlling each movement—and it doesn't require a single piece of equipment.

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  • Tara Nicolas, Nike trainer, Reiki practitioner, and meditation instructor

You may think you already know why stability and coordination are critical to health and well-being, but let's run through a quick refresher. When we're talking about exercise, stability and coordination are key components of  balance, a skill that translates into every part of your life.

"There are receptors lining your joints, in your ligaments, and in your tendons that are telling you where you are in space. They're constantly communicating with the brain," yoga teacher and physical therapist Lara Heimann, PT, previously told Well+Good. "If you're walking over pavement and then suddenly the terrain switches to gravel, it's not like you have to look down and adjust. Your body makes a really quick response, and that's a part of balance." Fostering a good sense of balance also benefits your brain health and will help prevent injuries as you get older.

In other words, the 14-minute, lower-body stability workout Nicolas cooked up for you today is well worth your time. Once you've warmed up, she'll lead you through sumo squats, single leg deadlifts, side lunges, and other challenging, feel-good moves to test your stability and coordination.

When you're ready to go, press play on the video and enjoy Nicolas' carefully-designed sweat sesh. Remember: You're doing this for present you and future you.

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