FYI: The Best-Selling Lube on Amazon Costs Less Than $10

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If you think that lube is a personal care product that’s only necessary for folks with vaginal dryness, think again. "While lubricant certainly can aid in many sexual issues, the truth is it's a great addition to anyone's sex life,” says sexologist Sadie Allison, PhD. “Using lube does not necessarily mean anything is wrong. The bottom line is lube can enhance pleasure—and who wouldn't want that?"

With that in mind, we have great news: The best-selling lube on Amazon—#LubeLife Water Based Personal Lubricant—costs less than $10. And while most lube is thought to be used solely to aid in penetration, this lube is sold in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, mint chocolate chip, watermelon, and cotton candy, so it can assist with dry mouth and oral, too.

From a logistics perspective, it’s water-based, so it works just as well with human body parts as it does with silicone-based toys. That said, if you’re on a solo journey, you might consider pairing it with one of Le Wand’s new sultry dark cherry vibes. (FYI: The Le Wand Double Vibe  (a sleek, compact, and powerful dual vibrator with 15 rumbly settings) will change your life. But, then again, just about any of their rumbly-good sex toys will.)

Anyways, back to the lube. It’s beloved for its silky smooth texture and non-sticky, hypoallergenic formula. What’s more, it’s specifically designed not to stain, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess on your bed, couch, car seat, or anywhere else you decide to put it to good use. It’s because of all these things that Amazon reviewers have awarded it with their top seal of approval. Seriously, nearly 80,000 shoppers have given it a 5-star review.

“So I was a little skeptical about buying lube from Amazon but I figured I'd give it a shot,” one reviewer named Antonia shared. “After all, having it delivered to your house is a lot better than going to Walmart and buying some and getting all the looks from people as you put it in the cart—or from the lady at check out. Like, come on now...I'm an husband and I have sex...don’t be getting all judgemental just because my kids are with me and I also need to get diapers, too...

[Anyways,] my husband and I tried it the night that we got it. We have a one and two-year-old, so most nights there’s no time for foreplay and we have to get creative while still being [intimate]. I have to say, I really love this stuff. Other lubes that we've tried have felt sticky and really unpleasant. Not only is [this] not sticky but there isn't a gross taste either if you get what I’m saying… It’s really soft and gentle on the skin. We've used it multiple times. It’s the best lube we've ever used. All and all, very happy.”

Needless to say, as much as you’re bound to fall in love with your new bottle of lube, just remember: Lube does expire. While an exact date of expiration likely won’t be printed on the bottle, board-certified OB/GYN Lucky Sekhon, MD says that, generally speaking, lube goes bad within one to three years of the first use. With that in mind, it might not be a bad idea to use a Sharpie to write your open date on the bottle. Of course, if you plan to breeze through it in just a couple of months’ time (if that), you’re in the clear.

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