Lucy Hale Swears by This OG Toner to Exfoliate Her Skin

Photo: Instagram/@lucyhale

If you work in Hollywood you’re exposed to a veritable deluge of skin-care products, pounds of makeup, and other high-def, film-ready tricks-of-the-trade on the daily. So, actresses tend to know what's up when it comes to beauty products. And actress-singer Lucy Hale, best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, is no different, touting some seriously cool skin-care and wellness goods.

Accordingly, she knows how to motivate for a workout (hint: cute sneakers), how to get her glow on, and what to drink to make the total package look incredible. With a new CW show, Life Sentence debuting March 7, and a film Truth or Dare out in April, Hale's spent a decent bit of time in the makeup chair as of late, so I asked her to share the current go-tos of her routine.

Keep reading to find out the beauty products Lucy Hale swears by.

Photo: Avon

Avon True Color Illuminating Stick, $11

“I am loving Avon’s new stick highlighter. It comes in two shades, one is rose gold and one is a lighter gold. It’s great because it’s easy to use, it feels light on my skin, all while moisturizing," she says. "I use my fingers and dab it onto my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and the inner corners of my eyes.”

Biologique Recherche P50 Toner

“This is amazing. I’ve been applying it after cleansing and before moisturizing, morning and night," Hale says. "It smells really interesting, but it works on everyone’s skin to exfoliate, hydrate, and balance the pH.”

Lucas PaPaw ointment
Photo: Lucas PaPaw

Lucas Papaw Ointment, $8

“This cream does it all. It has papaya extract and I keep one with me in my bag, by my bed, when I travel—I’m never without it, Hale says. "It helps chapped skin, rescues dry lips, and [lends a hand] anywhere else that needs a bit of extra help. You can literally use it anywhere!”

Espira supplements
Photo: Espira

Espira PM Restore, $30

“I’ve been using a powder supplement at night that is packed with collagen. It has all the nutrients you need to help improve your skin, hair and nails—it makes everything look good!”

Le Labo
Photo: Le Labo

Le Labo Gaiac 10

“This is my scent. It’s really unique and you can only get it certain times a year—and only in Tokyo," Hale tells me. "I love that not many people know about it or have it.”

Speaking of toners, they're not exactly the same thing as essences—here's the difference and this is *exactly* the right order to layer them in.

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