I Took Lululemon’s New Hiking Collection on the Trails—And These Are the 5 Styles That Go the Distance

Photo: Lululemon
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More people are hitting the trails than ever before. Almost half of US adults now hike, and an estimated 20 percent of those folks are totally new to the outdoors since the pandemic. Lululemon took this blossoming connection with Mother Nature as a source of inspiration—and the brand's new line of hiking pieces are designed to help you climb many more mountains in style.

America’s National Trails System is more than 88,600 miles long—and Lululemon's new collection is designed for the many weather patterns you'll meet as you cover desert, mountain, beaches, and more. Nothing in the collection does just one thing. Jackets unzip to reveal hoods, backpacks hide a million useful pockets, and button-downs shift temperatures to keep you comfy from the trailhead to the vista.

To make sure all the pieces live up to expectations, we broke them in on the trails. Below, find the five pieces that felt great mile after mile.

Get outdoors with Lululemon's newest hiking drop

Convertible Ripstop Hiking Jacket — $178.00

This shape-shifting jacket is easily my favorite piece in the collection. The purse fully zips on and off for easy access to your phone, keys, wallets, and sunscreen, and features a beautiful, wave-like strap that sets it apart. You can also zip off the sleeves if the trail gets too toasty, or release the hood if it starts to pour down rain. In short, this jacket is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Snag it in Laurel Green, Black, or Ancient Copper.

Convertible High-Rise Hiking Jogger — $198.00

Similar to the Convertible Ripstop Hiking Jacket, these pants are weather-ready. The legs fully zip off into shorts, and feature two big pockets for whatever snacks you need to take on greater mileage. As a climber, I also love these for long days at the crag when I may want to protect my legs from the rock while I’m moving vertically, but enjoy the coolness of shorts once I’m back on the ground.

Grid Fleece Hiking Overshirt — $148.00

This ’80s-inspired button-down has an easy, breezy vibe that masks just how utilitarian it really is. The fabric is deigned to keep you cool or warm (depending on what you need in the moment), and has three great pockets for stashing whatever you need. Style it with a pair of bike shorts, a unitard, or wear it open over your bathing suit. As with every piece in Lululemon’s hike collection, this overshirt is fast-drying so you don’t have to live your life in damp clothes after you’ve taken an unexpected summer dip.

Multi-Pocket Cargo High-Rise Hiking Skirt — $98.00

Trust me: You didn’t know you needed a hiking skirt until this very moment. Extra-large cargo pockets and a carabiner clip make this piece super functional whether you’re taking your dog for a quick walk around the block, or venturing out to your local hiking spots. Buy it in white, black, or prosecco.

Front Clip Backpack 21L — $148.00

Every adventure requires a backpack that’s up for the challenge—and this 21-liter pack will take you far. This bag has so many hidden pockets (dare you to find them all), and the purple rope detail is great for attaching anything extra you might need (keys, hand sanitizer, bobby pins). Fill up your water, and get moving.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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