Here’s the Sneaky, More Sustainable Way To Get Your Hands on Meghan Markle’s Favorite Leggings for Half Off

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From black jumpsuits to tried-and-true fashion staples, Meghan Markle is known for her elegant and polished outfits. But don't let the Duchess of Sussex's monochromatic fits and designer pant suits fool you—she's a gal who loves comfort as much as the next girly, so much so that she has been spotted multiple times in some of the softest leggings known to man: The lululemon Align Leggings ($98).

So what if we told you there's a sneaky way to get those famous leggings for nearly half-off while helping the planet in the meantime? Sounds like a "royal" deal for both your wallet and Mother Earth, right?

Turns out, lululemon's trade-in and resale initiative, the Like New program, has tons of gently used Align High-Rise Leggings on sale for just $59. They're just as buttery soft and stretchy as a brand new pair, only they're more sustainable and keep another pair of leggings from winding up in the landfill.

lululemon like new
Align High-Rise Legging — $59.00

Sizes available: 0, 2, 4, 20

A coveted style, the Align leggings are a celeb favorite, and this pair is “good as new.” The Aligns are made from a blend of elastane and nylon, giving them their buttery soft and second-skin feel. They’re also breathable, stretchy, and wick away sweat, rendering them ideal for yoga, running, or “hot girl walks.”

Colors: 6

What is lululemon Like New?

Like other resale programs, Like New gives gently used Lululemon products a second life. With Like New, customers can purchase "like new" lululemon athleisure at a discount or part with their used Lululemon clothing (think: leggings, skirts, and jackets) for store credit on future purchases. As long as they don't have any holes, tears, discoloration, or damage, you're good to trade 'em in. Don't fret if you lost the price tag or cut the original care tag; both aren't needed to resell them.

In exchange for you "selling" your clothes back, the current store-credit tiers look like:

  • $5 - all shorts, skirts, and men's shirts
  • $10 - all hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, crops, leggings, dresses, large bags
  • $25 - all outerwear

No matter what you bring in, all clothes are then touched up to be "like new." This gives shoppers an opportunity to get save on their favorite workout styles (ahem, the Align Leggings) while reducing the amount of clothing waste—which is estimated to be 11.3 million tons a year—that ends up in the trash. So far, the program has diverted 127,450 pounds from reaching landfills.

How to shop lululemon Like New

Shopping Like New is simple and even has its own website to make filling your cart easy peasy. As you're browsing, you'll notice that items are labeled as "good as new" or "gently used". These labels refer to the condition of the clothing, with "good as new" being pretty close to brand new, and "gently used" indicating minor signs of wear. Then, you just add it to your cart and check out—simple as that.

There's tons of secondhand styles to shop, but we recommend going with what you came here for in the first place: Markle's Align High-Rise Leggings, which are fit for a Duchess. Get them here and shop more "like new" lululemon, below.

lululemon like new
Energy Bra — $39.00

Sizes available: 34DD-36D

If you’re in the market for a stylish and comfy sports bra, look no further than the Energy Bra. Available in “good as new” and “gently used” conditions, the Energy bra is perfect for weight training or flowing into your favorite yoga pose. We love the strappy back, which offers up support to keep the girlies in. For $39, it’s a price you can’t beat.

lululemon like new
Train to Be Short Sleeve — $45.00

Sizes available: 0-10

The perfect workout shirt does exist, and it’s discounted when you buy it on resale. Each shirt is designed to minimize chafing, wick away moisture, and it boasts an open-hole knit design for breathability. Made of a blend of polyester and bacteria-resistant nylon, this shirt will have you hitting the pavement, lifting weights, and sweating it out in total comfort.

Colors: 4

lululemon like new
Biker Short with Pockets — $39.00

Sizes available: 2-10

Like the Align leggings but shorter, these Biker Shorts are perfect for walking the dog, strolling the sidewalk, or hiking the trail. They’re stretchy, incredibly soft, and have a high waistband you won’t have to worry about falling or rolling down. Featuring side pockets, these shorts will never leave you without your essentials (think: keys, wallet, credit cards, chapstick).


lululemon like new
Chargefeel Low Women's Workout Shoe — $99.00

Sizes available: 5-11

If you need a pair of shoes that perform during runs and training, Chargefeel’s Workout Shoe is all that you’ll ever need and more. The dense cushioned midsole offers a springy ride on all types of surfaces. They also come in a rainbow of colors that will stand out in a sea of white at the gym.

Colors: 8

lululemon like new
Cropped Sweater — $49.00

Sizes available: 4, 14, 16

For chilly spring or summer nights, you can never go wrong with a sweater. This gently used cropped sweater is constructed out of peach-fuzz soft polyester, modal, and elastane. Pairs with leggings and a supportive pair of kicks to complete the fit.

Colors: 2

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