We Finally Found a Face Mask That Won’t Totally Stink After You Wear It

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There is one very major pro that comes along with wearing a face mask: It has been proven to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For the last few months, however, you've likely endured the frustrating side effects that come along with covering your mouth and nose—like face sweat, uneven tan lines, and having to inhale your own nasty breath—for hours on end in order to protect yourself and others. The good news is that you can now stay safe without having to deal with these ugh-inducing situations, thanks to the Lunair face mask, which uses new technology to banish mask stink and other annoyances once and for all.

What makes these masks so special is the fact that they're made with something called "fuze technology," a permanent, chemical-free spritz that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. So the masks are anti-bacterial, which means that they work to eliminate the germs that cause odor. The brand claims to offer a 95 percent smell reduction after 24 hours of wear, so you'll never again have to spend the whole day sniffing the remnants of the eggs you ate for breakfast.

The fuze technology also helps to boost the natural evaporation process, so you won't be left with a sweaty, stinky mask after even the hardest workout. The fabric is ultra-breathable, which means it dries quickly, and it's made with cooling technology to keep your face from overheating—which explains why SoulCycle chose to partner with Lunair for its own line of exercise-friendly masks. Another perk? The masks are UV-protective, which means you won't have to worry about the sun peeking through them to damage your skin.

No matter what style of mask you love (because by now, everyone has a favorite style), Lunair has got an option for you. They come in different colors, styles, and fabrics—all of which offer the same stink, sweat, and germ-free benefits—and are machine washable. Basically, you officially have no excuse to not wear a mask.

1. The LA Mask - Multi Tie Dye, $6

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The LA Mask - Multi Tie Dye, $6

2. The Econo Mask - Black, $6

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The Econo Mask - Black, $6

3. The Protector Mask - Monochrome Cheetah, $18

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The Protector Mask - Monochrome Cheetah, $18

4. The Clearview Mask, $29

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The Clearview Mask, $29

5. The LA Mask Vote Pack, $22

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The LA Mask Vote Pack, $22

6. The L-Air Mask - Margarita, $14

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The L-Air Mask - Margarita, $14

7. The Laser Sport Mask - White, $14

Photo: Lunair

Shop now: The Laser Sport Mask - White, $14

8. The Soulcycle Face Mask, $30

Photo: Soulcycle

Shop now: The Soulcycle Face Mask, $30

Mask messing with your skin? Press play on the video below for some derm-approved intel on what you can do. 

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