Lunya’s Sweater That Sold Out Before the Holidays Last Year Is on Sale—Along With the Rest of the Site

Photo: Lunya
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Roughly once a week since this whole pandemic began, I think about how Jared Leto came out of the desert on a 12-day silent retreat to learn that the world had been upended by COVID-19. And then I think about how the only time I can stay silent is when I sleep—and probably not even then. And then I think about how I want to go on a 12-day sleep vacation. And then I think about all of the Lunya pajamas that I want and need to make that a reality. And then—today, in particular—I'm glad that the whole site is 26 percent off (!!!) for Black Friday so that I can afford the world's best pajamas plus the sleep vacation.

Indeed, Lunya—the brand that really kicked off the whole washable silk movement—is having a site-wide sale starting today and extending through November 29. Apparently, most people, on average, spend 26 years of our lives asleep (I probably spend more, FWIW so I'm enquiring about what that does to my discount rate) so the entire site is accordingly marked down. Having been a fan of Lunya's for many years, I'm here to guide your purchase. Keep scrolling for the items to shop for your 12-day sleep vacation...or at the very least eight blissful hours in bed.

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Shop Lunya's best bets

Washable Silk High Rise Pant Set — $191.00

Originally $258, now $191

Slink around your home in these gorgeous silk, high-rise pants and crop. The newest color addition is this bordeaux, which fully makes me want to lean in and pour a glass of wine ahead of bed—but that’s terrible sleep advice. Anyway, this set is top of my list.

Chunky Wool Crop Pant — $206.00

Originally $278, now $206

I really hate winter, but I think I could like it if I owned these chunky wool pants.

Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Pant — $124.00

Originally $124, now $168

My style dream is to just be a floating torso like Moaning Myrtle or Nearly Headless Nick, and these pants feel like they could really help make that a reality, in addition to being the coziest loungewear e-v-e-r.

Chunky Wool Pullover — $221.00

Originally $298, now $221

Occasionally when I’m shopping the Lunya website I’ll see something that I want so badly, I just hold my breath, trying to convince myself of how much I need it. This is one of those items. The wool, polymerase blend keeps the fabric from being too itchy and the cute design makes me dream of a day when I get to hit the (fireside hotel lobby near the) slopes.

Cozy Cotton Silk Pullover — $161.00

Originally $218, now $161

This retro-printed pullover feels like it’s coming to us straight from the ’70s, but the brand insists that the pattern is a window pane nod, because, “you know, window to the soul” or whatever.

Chunky Wool Belted Robe — $369.00

Originally $498, now $369

This is another one of those can’t-catch-my-breath-because-I-need-it-so-badly items from the site. Imagine what life would be like if you threw this little number on and walked downstairs for coffee in the mornings. It’s truly right out of a Nancy Meyers movie, and I’m here for it.

Washable Silk Slip Dress — $184.00

Originally $248 now $184

I truly think that this silk slip dress could be paired with the right jacket and worn to a holiday party. If your holiday party is on Zoom, A) I’m sorry and B) then this dress really does double duty because you can wash your face and be off to bed (where you probably actually want to be).

Restore Thermal Draped Jogger — $104.00

Originally $102 now $138

This beautiful green, midway between sage and hunter is just really revving my engine, so you’ll probably find me running errands in this pair, in addition to watching plenty of TV in them.

Cozy Cotton Silk Pocket Henley — $161.00

Originally $218, now $161

At least four members of our team own this silk pocket henley because it’s the most comfortable sweater that has ever existed and it also looks pretty put-together on Zoom. Others agree—last year this option didn’t even make it to the holidays without selling out

Washable Silk Sleep Mask — $35.00

Originally $48, now $35.52

You know how sometimes, “people”—not me—put in their AirPods when “they” walk around without anything playing simply so “they” don’t have to talk to anyone? This is the family-holiday-gathering equivalent of that and it’s washable, so if you get any makeup on it you can toss it in your next washing load.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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