This Washable Silk Fringe Set Is the Only Kind of Pajamas That Keep Me Cool During a Heatwave

Photo: Lunya
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What was it that we used to nickname July as kids? "July Fry"? July Fry is supposed to come after "June Gloom," but seeing as June already has us in the high 80s in Southern California, I've already resigned myself to another hot AF summer. Since I work from home, A/C during the day is essential, but I try to offset the environmental and monetary damage by leaving the windows open and running a fan at night. Except that every single morning, I wake up drenched in sweat.

Not cool, not cool at all. If you—like me—run hot at night, you've probably already tried all the tricks in the book. Cooler, lightweight sheets? You have them. Retiring the duvet until autumn? You're already on it. Booting your partner to the couch? Don't we wish. What you might not have tried is investing in a set of silk pajamas. Mulberry silk is a thermoregulating material that actually helps keep your body stay cool in less-than-cool environments—so it's just as good, if not better, than sleeping butt naked.

One of our favorite sustainable luxury sleep and loungewear brands, Lunya, recently released the Silk Fringe Set ($218), a two-piece set of 100 percent washable(!!!) mulberry silk pajamas that includes a tank top and pull-on shorts with fringe detailing that looks like it came out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. Like, if the Roaring Twenties could be a pajama set, it would be these. Lunya calls these a "date night at home" set of PJs, and the brand is spot on. You bet I've twirled in these alone in my bedroom, and yes, it was very fun. They're perfectly sexy—while never sacrificing a millimeter of comfort—and super stylish, so if you've got another type of ~hot night~ in, throw these on, swipe on that red lipstick, and let the fringe do the talking.

lunya silk pj set
Lunya Silk Fringe Set — $218.00

Available in black and a rosy-tan.

Other cute details include crossback spaghetti straps and short pockets, so you've got style and functionality. Unlike a lot of lingerie pieces, this one is also not overly-complicated (no extraneous strappy strappies), so you can literally just throw it on and relax. Most importantly, though, the fabric actually keeps me cool, and as someone who's lived through seven Los Angeles summers, that's hard to find. And may I add, I refuse to sleep without a duvet, which I know seems counterintuitive, but I literally can't do it. I've tried. Lunya's silk PJs keep me cool and dry all night long—with or without the A/C running while I'm cocooned in a fluffy duvet.

As a bonus, Lunya uses bluesign®-approved dyes for their fabrics, which are a lot better for the environment and safer around Lunya employees—and Lunya customers. The dyes are responsibly sourced and have the most minimal amount of impact on the planet, which is something we will always get behind.

While you're shopping, check out Lunya's matching Silk Fringe Robe ($278), which is equally gorgeous as it is made for steamy nights. Not in the mood for fringe? Scroll through Lunya's bestsellers, which include other washable silk sets, slip dresses, ribbed silk leggings, and more  and all that jazz.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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