These Washable Silk Sheets Keep You at the Just-Right Temperature *All* Night—And Are Worth Every Penny

Photo: Lunya
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Pull out your tiny little violin while I sing you a song of my troubles: I live in a centuries-old Brownstone wherein the heat is either at sauna-rivaling temperatures, or it’s an ice cave that requires piling on the blankets and cuddling for dear life. Usually, it’s some combination of the two over a given eight-hour period, which makes for particularly tricky sleeping on any given night. But Lunya Washable Silk Sheets are made for such situations. Not only are they some of the most luxurious-feeling sheets that you’ll ever sink into, but they’re also designed to be thermoregulating, which means that waking up in a sweat is a part of your past.

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Washable Silk Flat Sheet — $468.00

When I first learned of bedding companies that allow you to customize your bedding so that you don’t have to have a top sheet, my whole world changed. I find that it usually gets crunched at the bottom of the bed come morning (and un-crunching it isn’t my favorite hobby). However, swathing myself in this silk could in fact change my mind on that point. In fact, it has.

Washable Silk Fitted Sheet — $468.00

The basis of your bedding—the fitted sheet—is really the most important of your entire bed because your body is in direct contact with it all night long. This sheet will wick away heat and sweat and bad dreams. It’s only good things from here.

Washable Silk Pillowcase — $78.00

Every side of this pillow is the cool side of this pillow—full stop. (Actually, it’s also been show that silk can be kinder to hair, because the fabric causes less friction with your strands. So not only will you have sweet dreams but also good hair days.)

Washable Silk Duvet Cover — $768.00

Perhaps the standout of the whole line is this washable-silk duvet cover. Even though the duvet cover is meant to keep you warm, you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing an infrared sauna around your body. Somehow, with its naturally thermoregulating fabric and this duvet cover keeps you cool even if your duvet itself operates on the warm side. Sign me up.

Here’s why that’s important: There’s loads of research that body temperature is a key factor in regulating how well we sleep, but it really all boils down to biology. Our circadian rhythms are basically preparing our bodies to fall asleep all day long. As the Sleep Foundation explains it: seeing light triggers our brains to produce cortisol which keeps us awake and alert, thereby raising the body temperature. As that light begins to change or fade by mid-afternoon, our brain gets the hint and starts producing melatonin to help us sleep, which allows our core body temperature to dip.

So, what the heck does that have to do with buying sheets? If you look at this whole process through the lens of evolutionary psychology: Our brains cue our bodies to cool down when it’s time to rest. So sleeping in ridiculously hot sheets isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s triggering your body to wake up and get moving.

By opting for silk sheets like the washable ones from Lunya, you’re selecting a fabric that doesn’t cling to your body heat, and better yet, it absorbs and wicks away any sort of sweat that you may emit while trying to continue to cool yourself down as you sleep. And while the science behind these sheets is pretty fascinating when you stop and take it all together, the sheer luxurious feel of them is unbeatable.

Made with sustainable silk, these sheets are designed with minimal twists in the silk yarn so that they're as soft as possible. You can buy either queen or king sizes, and presently, the set is sold as separates so that you can customize it however you'd like. (If that means no top sheet for you, I'm on your side. Presently, they only come in white, but I'll dream of the day when the brand's signature Otium Tan color can exist on my bed and will add them to my cart as quickly as possible. Sheets that outsmart sleep science while also feeling dreamy? Cool, cool, cool.


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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