8 Luxury Sex Toys Over $150 That Offer Priceless Loads of Pleasure

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Luxury sex toys are usually classified as any product that’ll cost you $150 buckeroos or more, according to Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex-toy emporium Babeland. And while what qualifies as "worth it" will vary from person to person, Finn says that, generally, luxury sex toys do offer a more premium pleasure experience "worth" investing in. “Usually the motor is smoother and less jagged. Or, it’s app-compatible. Or, it’s made of a particularly expensive material. Or, it’s one of a kind,” she says.

“Usually [with luxury sex toys,] the motor is smoother and less jagged. Or, it’s app-compatible. Or, it’s made of a particularly expensive material. Or, it’s one of a kind.” —Lisa Finn, sex educator

Still, before making a hefty investment in luxury sex toys, you may want some reassurance that you're making a great choice. That’s why Finn, along with three other sex educators, share their tried and true faves below. And since pleasure should be accessible at every income level, under each luxury pick is a more cost-conscious option that offers a similar sexperience, but for for less.

Experts In This Article
  • Carly S, body-positive sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildon’t
  • Lisa Finn, sex educator and brand manager at Babeland
  • Tatyannah King, sex educator, sex writer, and sex coach

Below, find 8 luxury sex toys over $150 that offer priceless turns of pleasure.

1. The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine, $1500

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine
Photo: Ride the Cowgirl; Graphic: W+G Creative

Whether you're quarantining away from your partner, are single, or just love penetration, there’s really never been a better time to invest in a full-on sex machine. The Cowgirl resembles an ottoman—well, an ottoman with a dildo planted on top.

“This toy is a freaking amazing option for hands-free penetration,” says body-positive sex educator Carly S founder of Dildo or Dildon’t. “I especially love that someone of any body shape can size ride it without worrying it’s going to break.” All you need for the ride (read: orgasm) is some lube and $1,500 green ones.

Cost-conscious pick: Fun Factory Stronic Drei ($160). Of course, this Fun Factory pick will still cost you, but it is one-tenth the cost of the Cowgirl. Known as a pulsator (and occasionally a thruster), if you position the Stronic Drei in front of your (front or back) hole, you'll create a hands-free experience.

2. We-Vibe Wand Vibrator, $179

we-vibe wand vibrator
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

Known for their rumbly, very (very) intense vibrations, wand vibrators tend to skew pricey. But, in Carly S’s opinion, this one tops the list of luxe wands. Its visually appealing design is also appealing in terms of pleasure function. “It  has an ergonomically designed handle that curves around your pubic mound and belly to get to your genitals so you don’t have to contort your body in any uncomfortable positions for pleasure,” she says, adding that a bonus (especially if you're quarantining at your parents' house) of its wide range of intensities are all whisper-quiet.

Cost-conscious pick: Sweet Vibrations Charmed ($45). While stumpier than the Wand, Charmed features a similar design that allows for easy It-spot reaching. The biggest difference? Charmed has what is best-described as a dolphin fin popping out from one side of the rumbly head. According to Tatyannah King, a sex educator and sex coach with Blex Technologies, this is great for folks who like pinpointed pleasure.

3. nJoy Eleven, $400

nJoy Eleven
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

“An heirloom!” “A piece of art!” “The best investment in your pleasure.” These are just some of the phrases Carly S used for this stainless steel dildo. At 11 inches long and 2 inches wide, the luxury sex toy weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds. “Each bulbous end can really fill you up, making it nearly impossible not to experience G-spot or A-spot stimulation,” she says.

Cost-conscious pick: “Honestly, there’s not anything that comes close to the weight, size, and quality of the Eleven,” says Carly S. “But the Square Peg Toys Dildo Stick ($130) is the closest I’ve found in heft.” That said, it’s not stainless steel, so if that’s a must for you, check out the Le Wand Arch ($190), which weighs in at only 2 pounds, but is less than half the cost of the Eleven.

4. Womanizer Premium $199

Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

As one of the first brands to enter (and crush) the oral-sex stimulation category, Womanizer remains the gold medalist of clitoral-suction toys. It uses patented pleasure-air technology to create a touch-free, sucking sensation, and Finn says it’s worth the price for its smart-silence function alone. “The toy only turns on when it senses your skin nearby, stops when you pull it away, then starts back when you bring it near again,” she says. Fancy, right?

It also offers a range of intensities. “The Premium has 12 different sucking settings that are quite unique and span from low-intense to very very intense,” she adds.

Cost-conscious pick: Sweet Vibration Girl’s Best Friend ($50). The Gemini of sex toys, this one features a G-spot vibrator on one end and a clit-suction nozzle on the other. “There are almost no words to describe how amazing it is,” King says. “It’s not a vacuum feeling exactly, but it really does latch on…” Another option is the Unbound Puff, on presale for $46.

5. Fascinator Throw, $150

Liberator Fascinator Throw
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

Do you squirt? Are you into watersports (no, I’m not talking about water-skiing)? Do you and/or your partner(s) get sweaty during sex? If you answered yes once or more, this blanket is for you. The Fascinator is made of plush polyester on one side and satin on the other. But between the two sheets of fabric is a moisture barrier. According to sex worker and sex educator Corey More, “you could literally lay the blanket on your bed, empty your bladder, and your bed beneath would stay completely dry.” After, just pop this sheet-saver in the wash, so you can use it again next round.

Cost-conscious pick: Fascinator Throw Travel Size ($99).. If you can’t justify the cost of the mega-size throw, More recommends saving up for the travel-size version instead.

6. Mason Silicone Pack And Play Dildo, $175

Mason Silicone Pack And Play Dildo
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

Of all queer-owned and queer-run New York Sex Toy Collective offerings, the most popular is the Mason. “Mason is made from dual-density silicone that gives it a skin-like feel and malleable tip, while also being firm enough to penetrate someone,” says Finn.

Cost-conscious pick: New Sensations Colours Duel Sensation Dildo ($40). “It’s not as realistic as the Mason and only comes in a deep caramel, matte-black, or matte-pink...but it's made out of dual-density medical grade silicone,” says Finn. It also has a suction cup on one end, so you can plop it on the shower wall or bath ledge and ride it dirty.

7. SquareParts Joque, $125

SpareParts Joque Harness
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

You caught me: The Joque is slightly below that $150 price tag, but Finn says the select is pretty much magical—and she reviews and judges pleasure products for a living. “It has all of the features of a strap-style harness but all of the softness of a brief-style harness,” she says. “It’s also machine-washable, available in a wide-range of sizes, has a split in the back-pocket so you can feel the dildo against your body if you choose, and it has not one, but two pockets for bullet vibrators.”

Cost-conscious pick: If it’s comfort you’re after, Finn recommends the Silhouette Harness ($90), which is as stable as underwear-style harnesses get. “It also has a split between the legs so your partner can stimulate your genitals directly while you play,” she says. Win-win.

8. Mona Wave, $254

Mona Wave
Photo: Babeland; Graphic: W+G Creative

“[Lelo] products are super well-designed, and they have a kick-ass, 10-year warranty,” says Finn. The brand's stand-out product, though, is its G-spot stimulator, the Mona Wave. “The arm of the Mona is designed to move in a come-hither motion at an intensity, speed, and rhythm the G-spot tends to respond to,” she says. (G-spot orgasm, anyone?)

However, if you fall in the camp of vulva-owners who need clitoral stimulation to climax, you might be better-served with the Ina Wave ($240), which is basically the Mona with a clitoris-teasing appendage.

Cost-conscious pick: Calexotics California Dreaming Surf City Centerfold ($50). “The arm doesn’t curve into the G-spot in the same way, but it does have a pulsating-plate feature that’s designed to specifically target the G-spot,” says Finn. If your price point is somewhere between these two, King recommends the  Iona OhMyG ($129), which features a pleasure-pearl that rocks against your G-spot.

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