Should You Try This Surprising Ingredient to Combat Breakouts?

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Magnesium is to 2018 what Hansen's "MmmBop" was to 1998. (In a word: everything.) You can use supplements of the vital mineral to treat digestive issues, anxiety, migraines, PMS, sleep issues, and more, while magnesium-rich soaks and showers have been known to seriously reduce stress, ease body aches, and basically change your life.

Since it's so versatile, it should come as no surprise that magnesium is also adept at improving the appearance of your skin and regulating a stress hormone (coritisol) that's responsible for worsening skin conditions such as acne or rosacea. "Magnesium is an essential element crucial for the cellular processes of our bodies, including our skin," says Shereene Idriss, MD, a dermatologist a New York City's Union Square Laser Dermatology. "When lacking, the inflammatory response goes into overdrive, resulting in lackluster skin." And, as you know, inflammation can also spell breakouts.

Since not all magnesium is created alike (there are oh-so-many different kinds), Idriss offers advice for those looking to add it into their beauty regimen via topical products. "Look for the ingredient magnesium chloride, as it has the best absorption rate through the skin," she says, noting that serums and oils are particularly effective at delivering the miracle mineral to aggravated skin.

Below, all the revitalizing gels, mists, and even an acne-specific lotion that contain the super star ingredient. Meaning: You could be a few spritzes and dollops away from super chill skin.

Shop magnesium-infused beauty products below.

Magnesium isn't the only surprising acne cure. Try milky cleansers, witch hazel, and LED light therapy, too. Or, steal your skincare advice from a blemish-free beauty mogul instead.

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