The Best Makeup Mirrors That’ll Help Speed up Your Beauty Routine

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If you struggle with your winged liner, makeup mirrors should be your next beauty essential. We all know what's it's like to put on makeup in subpar bathroom lighting, and it's not ideal. But makeup mirrors allow you to have more precision and symmetry in your application. (Not to mention, they're a great decor piece. ) There are many shapes and styles, so there's a lot to consider when makeup mirror shopping.

In choosing a makeup mirror, it really helps to consider if it has magnification. This is what allows you to see the fine details in your face, so you can pluck that dangling eyebrow hair you couldn't see before. For those who prefer extreme closeups and touch-ups, getting a mirror with a higher magnification like 10x may be your speed. At the same time, the zoom intensity could feel uncomfortable on the eyes. In that case, you might want to try something under 5x. Regardless, it all depends on your style, preference and what you're ultimately looking for.

So, whether you're on the hunt for the a wall-mounted mirror, or the perfect Hollywood style vanity, we've rounded up some of the best makeup mirrors to help give you the perfect beat in any situation. 

Best makeup mirrors with lights

Conair Reflections Rose Gold Makeup Mirror — $50.00

Perfect to set on top your desk or vanity, this dual-sided mirror will help you reach glam level status in no time. Designed for convenience, the mirror rotates a full 360 degrees to help to do your makeup from any angle. Use one side to view your full face then swivel over to the other to see your makeup in 10x magnification.

Deweisn Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Mirror — $28.00

There’s a reason this Deweisn mirror is the the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon. It opens up to give you one dynamic view of your reflection. The two mirrors on the side allow you to see tiny details on your face in 2x and 3x magnification. Plus, it even comes with a handy little caddy for you to store your makeup as you get ready.

Fancii LED Makeup Mirror — $110.00

This mirror may only show your reflection in 1x magnification, but it’s one you’ll want to have in your bedroom because of its sleek and efficient design. The three brightness levels help make sure you get the best beauty lighting for your selfies, while the non-slip base keeps the mirror sturdy on your countertop. Additionally, it has a built-in rechargeable battery and auto-shutoff feature.

Pose LED Travel Mirror — $50.00

For when you need to get ready on-the-go, this Pose mirror is here to make life easier. Its super slim design makes it perfect for fitting inside your suitcase, backpack or tote bag. The mirror also has a protective lid and adjustable lights to help spotlight your face no matter where you are.

Funtouch Large Makeup Mirror — $40.00

If you want a larger style mirror in your bedroom, this one from Funtouch is worth considering. At nearly 15 inches long, this mirror gives you the ultimate view of your reflection. Not to mention, you can use the detachable magnifying mirror to examine the intricate details and lines of your makeup.

Simplehuman 8-inch Sensor Makeup Mirror — $200.00

Available in four different colors, this Simplehuman Mirror is one of the most high-tech mirrors in the game. In fact, you don’t even need to press a button turn it on. The mirror actually lights up automatically as you approach it and can even stimulate natural sunlight. You can also adjust the mirror’s angle and control its brightness with one simple touch.

Riki Skinny 5X Lighted Mirror — $195.00

Calling all influencers: This Riki Skinny mirror has your name on it. Not only is it lightweight and easy to use, but this mirror also is great for capturing selfies. You can actually take pictures and record videos straight from the mirror by connecting it to your phone through Bluetooth. It even includes a clip to hold your phone and an adjustable stand!

HiMirror Slide — $100.00

This skin-analyzing mirror comes complete with LED lights and an app that can help you to track how certain skin-care products are helping.

iHome Vanity Mirror — $77.00

From highlighting your makeup to streaming music, this mirror does it all. As you put on your lipstick or moisturizer, you can charge your phone or play your favorite tunes using the USB port and Bluetooth feature. The mirror also has LED accent lights that you can dim on command.

Riki Cutie Portable Lighted Mirror — $55.00

Any time there’s bad lighting, this travel-friendly mirror is here to save the day. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to hold and keep steady, thanks to the retractable ring and stand.

Impressions Vanity Co. Luna Bluetooth Makeup Mirror — $99.00

This 5x magnifying mirror is perfect if you want to turn up while pulling your glam look together. It features built-in Bluetooth speakers to play your fave music, duo-tone lighting to highlight your face, and a rechargeable battery. Additionally, it doubles as the perfect night light.

Bestope Upgrade Makeup Mirror — $37.00

Give yourself a full view of your makeup with this Bestope tri-fold mirror. It has three magnification options and brightness levels to help make doing your makeup more efficient. Not to mention, it’s super travel-friendly and space-saving. All you have to do is remove the base and store the mirror away in your suitcase or beauty drawer.

makeup mirror
Vesaur Professional 8.5-inch Lighted Makeup Mirror — $69.00

Made with durable nickel, this Vesaur mirror is the perfect accessory to set on your countertop or vanity table. The 360 rotation gives you the ability to see and do your makeup from multiple angles. But for many reviewers, it’s the “amazing light options” and magnification that makes it worth the $69 price tag. As one five-star reviewer wrote, “It is tall enough for me to use, super bright but adjustable, and the 10x [magnification] mirror makes finding those random eyebrow hairs so easy.”

Jordan & Judy Makeup Mirror — $24.00

When it comes to convenience, this Jordan & Judy makeup checks all the boxes. The adjustable stand makes it easy to set up and take with you just on-the-go. Plus, it comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that lasts up to 250 minutes.

Aesfee LED Makeup Mirror — $30.00

Not only is this mirror useful for applying your makeup, but you can also easily move it from one place to another thanks to its smaller size. Additionally, it has 1x and 7x magnification to help you spotlight your skin’s features.

Best wall-mounted makeup mirrors with lights

Simplehuman 8-inch Round Wall Mount Sensor Makeup Mirror — $230.00

Made from brushed stainless steel, this Simplehuman mirror gives a whole new meaning to checking yourself in the mirror. It turns on automatically as soon as you come near it, and shuts off when you walk away. Plus, a single charge lasts up to five weeks.

Jerdon HL65G 8-inch Wall Mount Makeup Mirror — $56.00

For a more wallet-friendly option, this Jerdon mirror is worth considering. Its arm can extend up to 14 inches from the wall and the mirror can rotate a 360 degrees to give you a more flexible view of your reflection.

Fascinate Rechargeable LED Wall Magnifying Mirror — $46.00
Not only does this mirror rotate a full 360 degrees but it also has a touch screen power button for you to change the light’s colors. At the same time, the eight-inch viewing angle allows you to check out your reflection both in 1x and 10x magnification.
Sunplustrade Makeup Mirror — $27.00

If you would rather not bother with mounting hardware, this magnifying mirror is a nice alternative to spot correct your makeup. It hangs onto the wall via a suction cup, and can be adjusted once in place. But keep in mind, it only works on dry glass surfaces.

Fenair Bluetooth Makeup Mirror — $144.00

If you’re going for Hollywood style glam vibes, this large vanity mirror definitely delivers! Equipped with 15 dimmable light bulbs, this mirror has everything you need to get your makeup on flawlessly. Not to mention, it comes with a USB port to charge your phone and Bluetooth speakers in the back to listen to music. You can set this on top of your vanity table or hang it on a wall. In fact, the mirror even comes with hanging screws so you can mount it if you choose.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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