11 Luxe Loungewear Items That Will Seriously up Your Hygge Game

Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfitters

Hygge season requires a few basic essentials: cozy blankets, lots of candles, and really luxe loungewear to create your perfect Zen den. And although things like layers upon layers of faux-fur rugs sound dreamy, the sumptuous duds is arguably the best part of getting hygge with it.

Think about it: You get to swath yourself in sumptuous fabrics like velvet, cashmere and 100-percent cotton, simply in the interest of your well-being. And, while these garments are perfect for meditating by a crackling fireplace, they strike a balance between "bed" and "business casual," making them an ideal go-to for everyone's favorite meal of the week, brunch.

Take, for example, Mama Medicine's just-launched collection, filled with 31 casually chic pieces that'll hygge-fy your wardrobe and likely your mood too. Below, shop 15 of the best loungewear items available right now.

Scroll down for 11 luxurious loungewear options.

Pair your picks with a robe and some sleep accessories for the most blissed-out snooze zone ever.

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