Mandy Moore’s Thanksgiving Plans Sound *Delicious*

Photo: Instagram/@mandymoore

When it comes to cooking for Thanksgiving, Mandy Moore keeps it real. “I’m by no means Martha Stewart," she admits. "I’m flying by the seat of my pants!” Still, the This Is Us actress likes to get her hands dirty. At a Friendsgiving luncheon presented by American Express Blue Cash Everyday card, Moore revealed that while she was “full-on ready” to do the turkey and all the responsibility that comes with the holiday this year, she and her fiancé, Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, won’t be able to host because their home renovations were delayed.

That means she’s co-hosting the event at her future in-laws’ house, which can see up to 45 visitors throughout the afternoon and evening. “I was excited this year, like we’re starting a new tradition and it’s going to be at our house,” she says. But she says the change of plans is actually the best possible entry point for hosting. She plans to lend a helping hand by crafting the perfect Thanksgiving playlist for the potluck. (“That’s an important part,” she notes.)  

Because Moore has a gluten intolerance, she charges herself with bringing a gluten-free dessert option each year.

Additionally, she says, while her future mother-in-law will handle the turkey, she’ll bring a potato dish and pie. It’s the second one that gets her excited. Because Moore has a gluten intolerance, she charges herself with bringing a gluten-free dessert option each year. The actress admits to loving a good apple pie, but her go-to is more of a Thanksgiving classic with a twist: “Paleo pumpkin pie by one of my favorite food bloggers.” It switches up the traditional recipe with a nutty almond-based crust, coconut milk, and honey-infused filling. “That’s what I’ve done the last two years, and it’s pretty easy,” she says.  

Thanks to this extra year of practice, Moore says, “I think I’m going to really throw [down] the gauntlet [next year]." That's one delicious-sounding challenge.

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