Mandy Moore’s Brilliant Secret for a Good Night’s Sleep

Photo: Instagram/@mandymooremm
If you watch Mandy Moore on her award-winning show This Is Us, her character Rebecca seems like the type that struggles with getting enough sleep. I mean, she's a mother of three (plus grandchildren in the flash-forwards to the present day), she's got a music career, and she tries to maintain a healthy relationship with push-up pro Milo Ventimiglia (swoon).

Moore IRL, however? She's a true sleeping pro.

"I'm pretty good at sleeping—I don't need a sleep aid," says Moore. That's because self-care is something she doesn't skimp on, despite her busy her schedule. "I'm good at making sure I take some time for myself mentally and physically." Oh, and she's a big fan of quality bath time.

But her genius secret to catching quality zzz's on the reg is more about her life philosophy—namely, un-FOMO (in other words, she's over the fear of missing out).

"Whatever the opposite of FOMO is, that's what I have."

"We need to eliminate the FOMO component of life," she says. "Whatever the opposite of FOMO is, that's what I have. I have a fear of not getting enough rest...a fear of going out, or something." Imagine a world without the crippling mindset of wishing you were out enjoying superfood cocktails with your girls as you're tucked into bed? (Sigh.)

While there's nothing wrong with living a little (hey, YOLO is a proper philosophy as well), Moore points out that the yearning to join your friends at each and every outing can get in the way of sufficient rest—which is key for, say, having the energy to get to spin class.

"I think that whole [FOMO] idea sort of creeped in, and it really negates people going home and taking care of themselves," she says. Sounds like Moore's an advocate of the whole "staying in is the new going out" trend—hey Mandy, how about a pajama-themed women's circle?

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