This Fancy Sleep Mask Is Like Having a Set of Blackout Curtains for My Eyes—And I’ve Never Slept Better

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If there’s anything I value in life, it’s being comfortable. If I have extra money, I’m getting a massage. If there’s a rainy day? Cancel my plans—I have movies to watch in bed. Yet there's one iconic symbol of coziness that I've never quite embraced until recently: the sleep mask.

I've always admired eye-mask wearers. They’re so glamorous. I’ve always loved how the girls in movies flop into a perfect, fluffy bed, with their shimmering pajama set and an eye mask to match. What better symbol of relaxation, restfulness, and leave-me-alone attitude than an eye mask? Plus, it seemed like a clever solution for blocking out light for better sleep without splurging on blackout shades or curtains. (Or, you know, installing them.) But for some reason, I never thought a sleep mask would suit my day-to-day life. I only saw people wear them in the movies, or on airplanes. The material always seemed unpleasant to the touch, not to mention have pressed up against my eyelids. And because I tend to thrash in my sleep, I didn't have a ton of faith that I'd be able to keep one on through the night.

But then one miraculous product came along that fully converted me over into a sleep mask lover: the Manta Sleep Mask ($35).

manta sleep mask
Photo: Courtesy of Manta Sleep
Manta Sleep Mask — $35.00

I first saw it promoted on my Instagram feed in the spring, and admittedly I raised a brow at how...different this mask looked. What was with the goggle-like design? But I was intrigued, and finally got a pair in the early summer to test out. And let me tell you, I was so surprised with how well it worked. To put it bluntly: This mask helped me get such good sleep that I actually almost slept through my car getting towed (but that’s a different story).

The Manta Sleep Mask features adjustable foam eye cups (we'll get to the why in a second) and a breathable blackout fabric that's can be sized and adjusted to fit perfectly snug around your head. (It's secured with Velcro.) It comes with a mesh carrying bag and a set of ear plugs. Not too shabby for the price, right?

The primary reason this mask rules, though, is the eye cups. I never realized that part of the problem with the flatter style eye masks is that they put pressure directly on your eyes—which is uncomfortable and even headache-inducing for some folks. The soft foam cups are also backed with Velcro so that you can affix them exactly where you need to on the mask to accommodate your eyes. And a secure fit not only takes pressure off of your eyes, but it also ensures the full blackout effect. When you put on this mask, you can’t see anything. I have a really sunny room (which I love and don’t want to drown out with blinds), and the mask shuts out that early morning light perfectly to ensure I sleep soundly.

To back up with already awesome modulation, the mask has ribs on it to that it can stay in place better and wide straps for a stronger hold. (Even for sleep thrashers like me.) These wide straps happen to run across your ears as well. For folks that want even more sensory control, you can input the ear plugs that come with the mask and position the strap over your ears. This gave me a really great night’s sleep while I was traveling—something I rarely get.

Curious about how to clean the eye mask? Another bonus is that it's machine washable. Just throw it in the mesh bag and toss in the washer, then air dry it flat. (Because seriously people, you gotta wash your sleep masks every few days.)

All in all, this mask leveled up my cozy factor exponentially. I'm sleeping better than ever, and I honestly can't imagine life without my mask. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's time for a nap.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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