Use Your Mars Sign to Get Quick and Dirty Sex Tips, Courtesy of the Stars

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My Mars sign is in Cancer, which meant, oh, just about zilch to me until I learned about The Mars Factor, the online platform that merges astrology and sexuality. Turns out that a person's Mars sign is what determines sexual desires, astrologically speaking. And, as I'm always finding ways to up my pleasure quotient (in bed, socially, or even via a gigantic plate of mozzarella sticks), I was curious to see how leaning into my Mars reading could rock my world.

Per the platform, my Mars sign points to me valuing trust and safety when it comes to sexual play, and having my emotions tuned in for the experience. I can amp up my solo time by checking in with my emotional state first. And once I can affirm that I feel safe and deep in (self)-love, things can get…kinky.

Okay, certainly interesting, but—waitaminute…why wouldn't my Venus sign explain how I act and what I prefer beneath the sheets, given that Venus is the goddess of love? Well, as many deadbeat guitar players unknowingly taught me while I was navigating my early twenties, sex and love aren't the same thing. What's more is that Mars is symbolic of our more aggressive, and shall we say passionate emotions, astrologer and co-founder of the Mars Factor Nadine Jane tells me.

"Mars is the planet of energy, action, anger, and desire," Jane says. "It is essentially our animal nature—describing what we do and how we act when we aren't thinking. Because of this, it tells a story of our fundamental sexual needs, desires, and impulses that we can tap into when we turn our rational brains off."

"Mars is the planet of energy, action, anger, and desire. It tells a story of our fundamental sexual needs, desires, and impulses that we can tap into when we turn our rational brains off." —Nadine Jane, astrologer

If you know your Mars sign or can glean it from a handy-dandy natal chart (run yours for free here!), you can read the rundown on the Mars factor. And for a quick preview, here's Jane's top sexy tip for each Mars sign of the zodiac:

Mars in Aries: Keep your sex life spontaneous and inventive—alone and with others.

Mars in Taurus: Create a luxurious environment that makes you feel good, and take your time.

Mars in Gemini: Use your mind and your words (dirty talk, role play!).

Mars in Cancer: Being submissive can be fun when you feel emotionally and physically safe.

Mars in Leo: Just make sure you are the star of the show.

Mars in Virgo: You pay attention to the details, so make sure your partner does too.

Mars in Libra: Make sure to give as much as you receive, and receive as much as you give.

Mars in Scorpio: An authentic connection with yourself and others will make everything hotter.

Mars in Sagittarius: Sex is a learning experience—so try and then try more.

Mars in Capricorn: Embrace being both the dominant and the submissive—you may surprise yourself.

Mars in Aquarius: As long as it's unconventional and rebellious, it will feel good.

Mars in Pisces: Sex is all about the fantasy, so get to dreaming.

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