Forget Jigsaw Puzzles and Banana Bread—71% of Americans Are Using Masturbation for Self Care Right Now

Okay, enough with push-ups, banana bread, and jigsaw puzzles—we're entering the era of Self-Pleasure Positivity, and the numbers prove it. A life of isolation has happily driven people embrace masturbation, according to Tenga's 2020 Self-Pleasure Report. More than 80 percent of people recognize masturbation is self care, and 71 percent have used it as a feel-good life raft in recent months. Nearly 30 percent have a more positive relationship with masturbation, and 60 percent intend to use their toys more frequently post-pandemic. In short, hell yes. I've been ready for this my entire life.

As Well+Good's in-house sex writer, I've had the opportunity to explore a treasure trove of sex toys. It's been one of the loveliest parts of my day job, albeit the weirdest part of when I was quarantining with my parents this spring. But talking about masturbation in a positive and factual manner has actually made them accept and maybe even appreciate my career. With important boundaries: my dad has gone on the record saying "he's so proud of me" and "reads all my articles, but not the vibrator ones." And for that, I am thankful.

With that in mind, let's tackle some of must-have products for the Summer of Self-Love. And remember, keep the conversation going and share good vibes only!


A magic wand, no doubt! Everyone should have a good wand massager in their repertoire, I love this because it's excruciatingly beautiful, lovingly designed by Wednesday Holmes with LBGTQ-positive imagery. This has flocked off the proverbial shelves, so my my bite-sized back-up recommendation is forever Le Wand Bullet ($85). So small, so quiet, comes in rose gold, it's been a godsend during this time.

2. QUEENI SWAN FINGER VIBE, $49masturbation is self care

A QUEEN INDEED! I love her, she's great. Small but mighty, Queeni makes for a good showertime friend, especially if you're quarantining with multiples and really need to steal away minutes of Me-Time in the bath. Go on an aquatic adventure with this cutie, you won't regret it!


I think the We-Vibe Chorus will be the Song of the Summer because it's primed for quarantine times, especially if you can't get as much contact with someone you love. This insertable piece of sex tech can be controlled via app from a distance, and it can even be synced to music! All of a sudden "Blinding Lights" will have you seeing stars. Not that it isn't great without all the bells and whistles; while it's unique shape might take a minute to get a handle of, it's worth the journey because of the powerful 10-mode settings.

4. GIGI 2, $139

If you desire something penetrative and G-spot targeting, there's two highly recommended roads. In this corner, we have the Gigi 2, the ultra popular Lelo bestseller that'll hit you at all the right angles. Then we have the Arc  ($115) by Dame Products which is a masterful device that I have recommended in multiples.

5. EVA II, $135

masturbation is self care

Look, no hands! The world is your oyster with Eva II, an ultra popular pick from Dame that's great for the masturbation-loving multi-tasker. Do you sext most effectively with two hands? Eva II. Want to fake that you're reading City of Girls when your roommate bursts into your boudoir? Eva II. Need to find a way to make your 20 Zoom meetings a day a bit more interesting? Eva II. (I'm very much kidding, I know they're unbearable but please, please, please do not do that)

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