‘I’m a Sexologist, and Here Are 4 Masturbation Positions That’ll Level Up Your Pleasure Practice’

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While many of us have enjoyed a self-pleasure renaissance during quarantine, it makes sense if you’re hitting a wall with inspiration to reimagine your routine. Maybe you’ve already switched up all the settings on your sex toy and tried every manual-masturbation technique under the sun—what can you do now to reinvigorate your erotic journey with new energy? Well, have you considered that there are always new masturbation positions you can consider to keep things fresh and fully orgasmic?

If your vagina is so bored it’s practically snoozing, never fear. Below, Sadie Allison, PhD, sexologist and co-founder of GoLove CBD lubricant, offers four masturbation ideas to level up your solo sex game with different masturbation positions to try.

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4 masturbation positions that will shake up your pleasure practice, according to a sexologist

1. Sitting on the corner of the bed

If you want to venture only a short block outside the comfort zone of your go-to routine, consider this small departure from the tried-and-true laying-on-your-back position. To practice it, simply sit up on the corner of your bed. You can lean back on one hand, if that’s comfortable, and use the other to, ahem, explore.

"Alternatively, this position accommodates the use of both hands for pleasure, so two toys can be used simultaneously (one for the vagina, and one for the clitoris)," says Dr. Allison. "You can also experiment with slowly spreading your legs wider as you play, and notice different sensations you may experience."

2. Solo-loving cowgirl

"In this familiar position, straddle your body like you would on top of a partner on all fours, but instead you’re on top of your favorite sex toy," says Dr. Allison."You can straddle a dildo or a vibrator. If using a dildo, a flared base model can help keep it more steady."

In terms of vibes, Dr. Allison says the Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager ($170) works well because of its powerful vibration and "substantial tennis-ball sized vibrating head." Personally, I love the $130 Le Wand Petite for it's less hefty handle, For hands-on self-pleasure with an extra treat, consider trying a dreamy, body-and-mind soothing CBD product. Foria's Awake Arousal Oil with CBD ($48), GoLove CBD Lube ($68), and WLDKAT Prebiotic and pH Balanced Sex Serum ($40) are among some of my faves.

"With your body and vulva upright—versus laying on your back—new pleasure sensations may be felt with this angle of engorged erectile tissue and blood flow," says Dr. Allison. And if you want a physical challenge to spice it up, shift into a squatting position and feel the burn workout in your quads."

3. Standing in a doorway

"Stand up against one side of a doorway, then lift and place one foot across to the other side and get into a stable stance," says Dr. Allison. "Now you're in the perfect position for a variety of masturbation-play experiences. You have full access not only to your vagina, clitoris, vulva, breasts, and nipples, but your anus, too."

Think of it as an opportunity to get creative! You can choose your ideal combo of pleasure toys, stimulate your erogenous zones of choice, go totally manual—whatever! Just try not to tip over when your climax makes you weak in the knees.

4. Under soothing water flow

No matter your stance on shower sex, bringing a buzzy toy into the bath is usually really fun. Plus, your time in the bathroom may be one of the few instances of "alone time" you can cram into busy days. Plus, warm water all over your body adds a welcome extra tactical sensation and warmth. So, use your favorite waterproof toys and silicone lube. Also note that there are dildos with suction cups, which can attach it to the shower wall, just at the right height, and back into it for exquisite penetration.

If you don't have a bathtub, Dr. Allison says it's certainly okay to sit on the floor of your shower and self-pleasure. But if the doesn't allow for that, or you're simply into standing positions, there are plenty of other options. You can use a Shower Stool ($50) or the edge of the tub to place one foot on for easier access to your genitals. Or invest in a Shower Sex Handle ($18), which affixes to the wall with suction cups for better balance. And don't forget the shower floor itself!

"Consider a no-slip mat so you can rest assured you’re being as safe as possible," says Dr. Allison. "These additions can offer you peace of mind with feeling secure, balanced, and safe, so you can relax and fully enjoy your self-loving sessions."

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