Oprah’s Favorite Knife Set Makes Meal Prep So Much Easier—And It’s on Sale

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I think we can all agree that Oprah has impeccable (if not aspirational) taste. Whether it’s her choice of super comfy, luxurious sheets or sandals that make your tired feet happy, it’s clear that the media mogul knows a thing or two about where to find quality, must-have items. So, when I found out that the knife set that she once described as tools that create “magic” was on sale, my inner chef couldn't have been more excited. 

Just last year, Oprah gushed over kitchen knives from newish direct-to-consumer brand Material in her 2021 Favorite Things List. And honestly, the praise couldn't have been more warranted. The brand provides super sleek utensils to upgrade any kitchen, from durable cutting boards to practical (yet gorgeous) cookware. But their knives are truly something special. Made from Japanese stainless steel, the knives are some of the best of the best floating around the culinary market when it comes to sharpness and durability—and they're now on sale! 

Material Kitchen The Knives and Stand — $225.00

Originally $245, now $225

The set features a magnetic stand and three knives made with durable Japanese stainless steel for super strength and durability.

Part of what makes them unique is the construction. Each blade contains three layers of steel mixed with high carbon, which is pretty standard for more high-end knives. This helps to add extra strength and prevent wear and tear over time. Additionally, every knife is specially treated at a molecular level to ensure the blades are super sharp and can withstand damage (i.e. dullness and rust). In fact, the brand boasts that the knives are made to last a lifetime.

And while these pro-grade knives typically cost nearly $250 for one set, you can now take them home for $225. Sure, it's just $25 off, but we'll take it. Each set includes one 8-inch chef's knife, one serrated 6-inch knife, one Almost 4-inch knife, and a magnetic stand to hang the knives when you're all done slicing and dicing. 

But it's not just Oprah who's a major fan. One shopper on site praised the knives' smooth cutting abilities. "I have not purchased knives in years. These knives are designed with functionality and good looks. I love how they feel in my hand, very well balanced. They cut everything with ease."

Another five-star reviewer even recommended the set as the perfect knife-starter pack. "The trio of knives is the reason you start looking on Material, and for the price, they deliver beyond expectation. Gorgeous blond wood color, with just a hint of the Damascus rippling we all look for in a high quality carver. The sizes are just what you need to start your knife collection, and the balance and edge fidelity are immediately apparent."

So, no matter if you're chopping up lettuce or cutting butter, this set has all the tools you need for everyday cooking and making your meal prep a smooth process as possible for your next dish.  

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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