You Can Now Drift Off to Matthew Mcconaughey’s Voice With This Sleep App

Well+Good Creative
Camila Alves is the only one lucky enough to fall asleep to Matthew McConaughey's voice IRL, but that doesn't mean you can't experience the soothing powers of his charming Southern drawl from afar. Now, you can find your nightly Zen by listening to him tell you a bedtime story whenever you want—even if it seriously weirds out your significant other in the process.

Calm—an app that helps people unwind and get more restful sleep through meditation, movement, and music—has a section called "Sleep Stories" that lets you listen to tales made to help you conk out, just like back when you were a kid. Except the most recent bedtime story is a little different than the ones your parents told you because it's narrated by none other than the "alright, alright, alright" actor. And get this: It's 35 minutes long.

In his story called Wonder, McConaughey tells you all about "a grandfather explaining the magic of the universe and of life itself to his granddaughter." That's not important, though, because, after just a few minutes of listening to his ultra-soothing voice, you'll most likely have already drifted off. Sure, it might be a little strange having the actor put you into a deep slumber, but whatever works, right? Just be prepared to wake up to some very interesting dreams.

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