Maude’s Latest Sex Toy Is the Classic White T-Shirt of Vibrators: Great for Everyday Orgasms

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It's impossible to talk about Drop, the $45 sophomore sex toy shaped like a massage ball from sexual wellness brand Maude, without talking about its first launch, Vibe. Vibe has been my personal favorite sex toy amid the pandemic and also Well+Good readers' most-beloved sex toy of 2020. It's a covert option, noted for its effortless usability, its neutral aesthetic, its high-quality sensations, and its hyper-friendly price point. And I'm very happy to tell you that Drop offers very similar wins.

"That feedback helped us to consider Drop's shape and purpose, [and to create] something with self and partner care in mind," says Maude founder and CEO Éva Goicochea. "Thoughtful and approachable design will continue to act to break taboos and make sexual wellness more synonymous with self care."

This is all to say that Drop is absolutely a worthy successor to Vibe, strengthened by its good traits, further blurring the line between sex and self care. It even looks like a smaller, rounder version of the original. But how does the sequel stack up? Don't worry, I investigated that for you.

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Say hi to Drop, Maude's precious new mini-massager

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Drop is an egg-shaped, water-resistant mini massager made from the same smooth platinum-grade silicone as its older sibling, and it comes in a more truncated package. This is supposed to work as if the head of a massage wand went stemless, which is an important distinction from Vibe. It's design for all-over usage, with tension-relieving massages in mind.

"Historically, vibrators were used for all-over stimulation, comfort, and stress relief. Drop's compact, ergonomic shape fits in your palm [and caters to that versatility]." —Éva Goicochea, Maude founder and CEO

"In our initial conversations about Drop, we knew we wanted to create a product for all bodies—one that extended to other erogenous zones," says Goicochea. "Historically, vibrators were used for all-over stimulation, comfort, and stress relief. Drop's compact, ergonomic shape fits in your palm [and caters to that versatility]."

It sure does! I was delighted to feel how light the toy is. While massage wands may be my favorite genre of sex toy, having to steer a hefty wand handle when you're trying to get off can feel awkward. By contrast, the massager fits perfectly in my hands, and I find myself playing catch with it when I get bored. And if you're afraid the slight size might make it vibrationally weak, I have a hearty laugh and a "no" to offer you.

When I first got Drop, I noticed it packed the same powerful blissful buzz as a high quality wand would, but with a twist. One of the more unique features of Drop is that you can roll it all over your body. Seriously, Drop is incredible for kneading into the skin, especially sore spots. Because it's also non-porous, it pairs well with your favorite oil—Maude actually makes a $40 Body and Massage Oil that's a delicate mix of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor oils. They'd be a dream team if you're into this type of minimalist sensuality, but any oil on your nightstand should be an agreeable additive to the experience.

And though Maude blurs the line between self care and self-pleasure, let's not be coy: This is an impactful sex toy. I would say in terms of orgasmic delivery, it's super similar to Vibe. Think of it as the classic white T-Shirt of vibrators in that its amazing for everyday orgasms. As pandemic regulations lessen and we make a return to person-to-person intimacy, I can see drop having a major moment. So if you're longing for a slow burn sensual massage, perhaps with a partner, Drop is there to ease you in, make you melt, and aid in that final, highly anticipated orgasm. But also, if you're flying solo for a minute and just looking to get a quick O, it can manage that flawlessly, too.

To distinguish in same straightforward tone of the brand, Vibe's better if you're single, Drop's better if you're partnered, both are incredible investments. But in terms of which is better, if Vibe is Toy Story, Drop is Toy Story 2: true equals in quality, absolutely timeless, and packing lots of buzz. Lots.

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