I Tried the Internet’s New Favorite Warming Lube—And It Really Did Turn Up the Heat (and Orgasms)

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A good lube is hard to find. Similar to how Goldilocks struggled with the temperature of her porridge, it's tough finding a lube that's just right. Some are too sticky, while others too quick to dry. Silicone lubes are a great option for some—but not if you're planning on using silicone toys (the silicone in the lube can break down the silicone material). And while oil-based lubes can feel amazing, they erode latex condoms and diaphragms. Which is why we were so excited when we learned about Maude's newly launched water-based, warming lubricant. Maude Heat ($20) is a lube that offers feel-good texture and functionality while simultaneously being sex toy- and condom-friendly.

maude heat
Maude, Heat Warming Lubricant — $20.00

Maude Heat is a water-based warming lube that uses capsaicin to spice things up down there.

Size: 4 ounces
Kind of lube: Water-based
Fragrance: No
Vegan: Yes


  • Provides a fantastic, slippery consistency
  • Long-lasting
  • Just the right amount of heat
  • Affordable
  • Packaging is easy to use (especially *in the moment*)


  • May not be ideal for those with sensitive skin

Heat, which launched back in mid-May, is a long-lasting, pH-balanced formula that delivers just the right amount of, well, heat. Per the brand, you can apply Heat externally, like to your clitoris or penis, or internally, maybe to your G-spot or anus. Having tried this for myself during solo and partnered play, I'm a big fan.

Functionally, warming lubes work like other lubes: They create a more slippery environment that can make solo or partnered play more pleasurable by eliminating friction (created by dryness). What makes them unique is, of course, the warming element (created by the ingredient capsaicin, the active compound of the chili pepper) which can enhance the experience even more.

First impressions

I’ve loved Maude since its inception because the brand has always stood by quality ingredients and creating products that are simply beautiful. Heat exemplifies that. It comes in an olive-green matte box adorned with a glossy silhouette of the product. I delicately opened the beautiful package and found the brown, opaque, four-ounce bottle topped with a flip-top dispenser. If you’re more of a pump fan, worry not—there’s a pump dispenser in here, too.

Photo: Natalie Arroyo Camacho

Review: Maude’s warming lube turned up the heat—and the pleasure

During solo play

As a sex writer, I’ve tried a lot of lubes in my life, including flavored, warming, and cooling formulas. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned, one that actually almost applies to everything in life, is this: you can always do more, but you can never do less. Start small before you go big—especially with a warming lube, and especially if this is your first time using a warming lube.

I started by doing small patch test before using Heat full-on. I needed to know what it felt like to determine how much I should put on my clitoris—or if I would even like it. Plus, as Maude points out, a patch test is particularly advisable if you’re allergy-prone or have sensitive skin.

Once I knew what it felt like—a warm, gentle wave—I added the lube little by little so I didn’t overheat myself. (Get it?) I experimented with a few drops at first, eventually building up to a nickel-sized amount. That felt good, but I wanted a bit more. As I learned, I like about a quarter-sized amount of Heat.

As I mentioned above, this lube comes with two dispensers: a pump and a flip-top. While I started with the pump dispenser, I switched to the flip-top lid when I found my personal sweet spot. One full pump is a little more than that quarter-sized portion I needed.

maude lube
Photo: Natalie Arroyo Camacho

During partnerned play

The first time I tried Heat was during partnered play. From there, I knew it would be my new go-to for masturbation, too. It wasn’t just pleasurable to me, but it also boosted my partners’ bliss.

Even though I’m bisexual, I’m only having sex with penis-owners at the moment. Moreover, we stick to penis-to-vagina sex and we tend not to experiment anally—meaning I can’t speak to how this might feel during anal sex. What I can share, however, is how my partners said this felt on their penises.

One of them, who put it directly on his penis, says that he initially liked the sensation. He’s a fan of how fluid this lube is, having never dried out during our interactions. However, as time went on, he found it was a little too hot for his liking.

My primary partner, who simply came into contact with Heat through my vagina, said he didn’t feel much of a difference. However, he did notice that I was more aroused, and thus wetter, when we used this lube.

Final thoughts

I’ll sum up Maude Heat in three words: I love it. Heat obviously turns up the temperature in the bedroom (or wherever you’re having sex), but it also made it easier for me to reach orgasm. Considering that this lube is affordable at $20 and that it’s Latine-owned, I can’t find any reason not to keep buying it.

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