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This Beginner-Friendly Vibrator Is Optimized for Clitoral Stimulation (And Has Been A Best-Seller Since Quarantine)

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One not-awful by-product of living through these pandemic times is that masturbation has become widely understood as a self-care practice. In light of that welcome embrace of reality, you may well have found yourself in a rabbit hole of researching rabbit vibrators (and other types of toys as well). And sure, when it comes to pleasure, more is more, so it's great that so many toy options abound.

But that reality can also make selecting a specific vibrator an overwhelming choice. Perhaps that's why the simple, effective, and decidedly chic Vibe ($45) by sexual wellness company Maude is so popular. The fan-favorite toy has been hot since the original lockdown, selling out multiple times and racking up a 17,000-person waitlist before a restock. Lockdowns lifted, and this dependable gadget continues to wow and wow and wow some more. 

Not only is the vibrator able to reliably deliver orgasms, but it also packs a potent pleasure punch in a small, nondescript package. It looks unassuming, it doesn't take up too much space, and it has a style that's charmingly blank-slate. And that appearance is intentional and makes it accessible.

Inspired by modernist design movements like Bauhaus, Maude founder and CEO Éva Goicochea sought to create a product with "equal measures of form and function," she says. "I wanted to create a line that de-stigmatized the category through quality, simplicity, and inclusivity," The result? Muted gender-nonspecific colors (Vibe comes in gray and moss green) and simple shapes. That aesthetic neutrality helps de-gender Vibe, which is important when it comes to making sexual wellness inclusive for people of all bodies.

"The vibe was inspired by Brâncuși's sculptures, and the lightbulb for the shape went off when I visited MoMA, as I wanted something that was ergonomic and universal," Goicochea says. "Material was an important choice in completing the design—the soft-touch silicone material bends to the body and is smooth against the skin. As I'm married to a mechanical engineer, he was able to help me design and bring the product to life." It's also 100 percent platinum-grade silicone, which makes it body-safe.

In terms of function, Vibe is, as I've mentioned, surprisingly small, squishy at the tip, and ready for action after no less than one and a half to two hours of charging. It has one button that controls just three settings, and that simplicity is welcome. When you test out vibrators on a regular basis, you realize how difficult they can be to simply turn on and operate, and Vibe is a reprieve.

Here's what makes the Maude Vibe an artful delight.

In terms of experience, Vibe's three settings are strong but not overpowering, rumbly but not jangly. They transition seamlessly between each level and feel, well, heavenly. The triangular-tip design of the toy is essentially optimized for clitoral stimulation, which is great news for vulva-owners. (Remember, the fastest way to orgasm is usually through clitoral stimulation, and Vibe's squishy tip can send all the right ripples to that spot.) But, that tip is also great for drawing circles around erogenous zones, like your nipples, or letting everything build at wonderful pace, like inching up a roller-coaster.

To wit: Vibe is the perfect beginner vibrator if you're unfamiliar with or intimidated by sex toys, because it's straightforward, created to focus on your most sensitive spot, and also notably affordable compared to other chic models on the market. But it's also a great selection for someone very familiar with vibrators and exhausted by all the complex features many toys use.

Ultimately, Vibe is such a gem that it doesn't need any hyperbolic votes of confidence or stamps of approval. Like its minimalist, artistic design, it's just great—no less, no more.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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