This ‘Falsies’ Mascara Stood Up to 3+ Hours of Crying and Sweating at a Taylor Swift Concert

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The internet is replete with content laying out exactly what you need to do to prepare for a Taylor Swift concert: Get there early, wear comfortable shoes, make sure your stuff is packed into a stadium-approved clear bag, prepare for the best night of your life, et cetera et cetera.  One thing that none of these (countless) listicles and TikTok videos mention, though, is to wear long-lasting mascara like the Maybelline The Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara ($10).

For me, the tears started during Swift's first "Era" (you try listening to the lyrics "Who could ever leave me, darling?/But who could stay?" without crying), and didn't stop until she'd hit the closing notes of "All Too Well" nearly two hours later. That, combined with the sweat that dripped down my face for 200 straight minutes as I danced and screamed along to "Shake It Off" and "You Belong With Me" on an unseasonably warm May evening in New Jersey, gave me little hope for what my makeup would look like when I got home well past 1 a.m.

But to my surprise, after (*checks notes*) eight sweat-and-tear-filled hours, my mascara hadn't so much as budged. Thank you, Maybelline The Falsies Surreal Extensions Mascara for being a true ride or die.

Despite not technically being waterproof, the mascara—which was applied to my lashes (along with some artfully placed eye gems) by a Maybelline makeup artist before the show—had the type of staying power that lash dreams are made of. And for $10, to boot.

The fact that the mascara survived my T. Swift behavior isn't the only thing I love about it. For starters, this stuff lives up to its name. It made my lashes look long and curled—so much so that you could swear I had actual falsies on. The brand promises a 36-percent increase in length, plus 10X volume, and I can confirm that it delivered. This is because of the mascara's hybrid fiber technology, which delivers different-sized fibers that build on each other to amp up your lashes' oomph. They're delivered on a helix-shaped brush with long, twisted bristles that coat every lash seamlessly and without clumps.

Unlike other long-lasting mascaras, which tend to be drying and thus wreak havoc on your delicate lash hairs, this one is formulated with nourishing ingredients to avoid any discomfort. It didn't irritate my eyes, which is typically a tall order considering I wear contact lenses (thankfully, this stuff is ophthalmologist tested). Plus, it stood up to my allergy-induced itching and tearing, and didn't leave me looking like a raccoon the way most mascaras do this time of year.

What I love most about the product, though, is how easy it is to remove. Despite its staying power, a single swipe with a micellar water-dipped cotton round was enough to melt it away, no streaks or smears to speak of.

And don't just take my word for it: It's got more than 22,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, with fans calling it a "miracle worker for your lashes" and confirming that it really does "look as if [you] had fake eyelashes on." And another reviewer writes: "I’ve been using this mascara for about a year now. As a professional makeup artist I’ve used multiple different mascaras including some with a heavy price tag. This mascara does the job and is very reasonably priced. I am very pleased with the length and separation of the lashes when using this mascara. I have not noticed any clumping." Another says: "Gives length like Sky High but the volume is amazing! My lashes look fabulous!"

All to say: If you've got a blank space in your beauty routine, this mascara deserves a spot.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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