Mcdonald’s Latest Menu Item: the Mcvegan—Yes, Seriously

Photo: McDonald's
While healthy fast-casual restaurants like Sweetgreen and Tender Greens have been taking over, the mother of all quick-food chains, McDonald's, has quietly been making its own better-for-you upgrades: Last year, it announced that it would be switching to chicken that's largely antibiotic-free and in July, it started topping its burgers with kale. Now, it's adding a vegan burger to its menu.

McDonald’s started testing a soy-based patty at a location in Tampere, Finland.

Today reports that this week, McDonald's started testing a soy-based patty at a location in Tampere, Finland. (Why that location? It's a plant-based mystery.) Dubbed the McVegan, the patty is, er, sandwiched between lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a vegan sauce.

If its latest menu item—which is available now through November 21—is a hit, it just might come stateside (although currently, the chain has no set plans to make that happen).

Maybe next they'll release a dairy-free McFlurry? One can dream.

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