This Medication Tracker Is the Simplest Way To Remember If You’ve Taken Your Pills

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One hot summer day years ago, I walked into my physician’s office with a list of frustrating symptoms that had worsened now that I was in college. At work, I found myself forgetting even the simplest of instructions; at home, I was constantly misplacing important items. After some back and forth, my doctor suggested that I might be suffering from ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). With this diagnosis, I’ve been able to tackle some of my symptoms head-on by making small life changes

As someone with ADHD, remembering to complete simple tasks like taking my medication is a daily struggle. It turns out I'm not alone in this: More than 75 percent of all Americans report having issues taking their medication as directed, with 63 percent of one group citing forgetfulness as the primary reason for not taking their medication properly. 

Thanks to Amy Seder Berkley on TikTok, I discovered an organizational tool that would simplify perhaps the most important task of my day: taking my daily medications. In a video that has now garnered more than 330,000 views, Seder dishes about her latest Amazon buy, the Take-n-Slide Medication Tracker and Reminder. After unpacking her Amazon mailer, she demonstrates how mind-blowingly simple and clever this tracker is, leading me to think, "And why hadn’t this been invented yet?!"

What makes this tracker so ingenious is that it adheres directly to the side of your pill bottle; no unnecessary dumping of pill bottles in order to fill bulky weekly pill organizers. When you’ve taken that medication for the day, simply slide the day's indicator to the right. The color beneath the indicator will change from green to red, showing that you’ve already taken today’s dose. Once you’ve finished out the week, slide all seven indicators back to the left and start the process again. 

This handy medication tracker comes in a five-pack, and are all reusable—so if you’re about to run out of your current prescription, you can easily remove the tracker and attach it to a fresh bottle. This tracker is also great for pet medications and supplements, meaning you can sleep easy at night knowing that Fido has taken the correct amount of his medication for the week. 

Amazon reviewers are finding unique ways to use their trackers beyond medications and supplements. User Coyora says, “I put one on a bottle of moisturizer so I can track how many nights a week I'm managing to meditate.” Another person reports using the tracker to help remember to clean out their cat’s litter box, while yet another placed it on the corner of their nightstand to track when they take all of their nightly medications at once. 

While certain symptoms of my ADHD will undoubtedly stand the test of time (to this day, I find myself procrastinating daily tasks out of habit), tools like this medication tracker take the second-guessing out of the most important tasks of my day. Now... where'd I put my keys again?

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