According to Classpass Data, the Fastest-Growing Fitness Trend Is All About Slowing Down

Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
While many gym-goers totally love getting their sweat on, the fastest-growing fitness trend of 2017 skewed in the opposite direction. According to ClassPass' data, mindfulness is the it-exercise that's on the rise.

The class-booking platform's nationwide analysis found a 16 percent increase in meditation, restorative, and recovery classes this past year. And while high-intensity workouts continue to be popular, taking the time to slow down and recover is becoming a regular, healthy part of people's schedules. (Furthermore, it's totally something Well+Good predicted would happen this year.) And, taking a breather isn't just great for overworked muscles: Classes, like meditation and restorative yoga, that focus on breathing and stretching can also help ease stress and anxiety.

ClassPass analysis found a 16 percent increase in meditation, restorative, and recovery classes.

In addition to workout warriors being recovery-focused, ClassPass found strength training has officially become the most popular fitness genre in the US (at least with its own clientele). Now that the fear of "bulking up" is dying down, ladies are continually realizing just how good lifting weights can make them look and feel (hello, shape and definition!). Plus, there are also the health benefits that come with getting stronger: A recent study even found it's a great way to preserve muscle mass as the years pass.

No matter your method of choice to get moving and stay healthy, keep up the good work. And maybe save the last five minutes of whatever sweat sesh modality you're into for closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, and making mindfulness part of your daily workout routine.

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