Meghan Markle Just Gave a Stylish Nod to Her “Suits” Roots

Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson
Meghan Markle might have traded in her role as Rachel Zane to become the Duchess of Sussex, but she recently channeled her Suits character on an official royal engagement when she wore, you guessed it, a suit to check out a sports complex in Dublin, Ireland.

It's the first time since getting married that the newest member of the British monarchy's strayed so far sartorially from her signature look of boatneck dresses with nipped waists. I hope this is why her decision to wear pants was pearl clutching enough news to make headlines and not, you know, sexism. For my part, it's not so much the suit itself (though the Working Girl vibes its shoulder pads give off didn't go unnoticed) but what she opted to wear with it. Yep, that's a white T-shirt under those wide lapels.

She's a duchess now, but Meghan Markle just gave a stylish nod to her "Suits" roots
Photo: Getty Images/Chris Jackson

The unexpected addition of the activewear staple took some of the formality out of her designer look, which was from Givenchy, the same fashion house that designed the now iconic dress she wore to wed Prince Harry back in May. It undoubtably cost several thousands of dollars to have Clare Waight Keller's team create it—I imagine, like the other pieces Markle's recently stepped out in from the line, it's custom—and could, therefore, be perceived as a slightly OTT ensemble to wear in order to watch people hurling on grass. (No, it has nothing to do with throwing up after a workout, but rather it's a 3,000-year-old Gaelic game that kind of looks like a combo of rugby and lacrosse in the eyes of a person who has never played any of these sports.)

Markle's already made it clear that she plans to play by her own rules as much as possible when it comes to being modern-era royalty. But in this instance, it appears she's taken a page out of her new sister-in-law Kate Middleton's fashion book and is embracing a high-low style aesthetic when, ahem, suitable. Middleton might only be a duchess, but she's a queen when it comes to recycling outfits and choosing accessories that are so cheap even us common folk can afford them. Case in point? Her favorite sneakers and the hairnets she uses to extend the life of her updos.

Too soon to tell if Markle will follow her lead and start, say, keeping her wispy bun in place with micro mesh. Her white tee is the first really accessible item she's been seen sporting since saying "I do." But if it's any indicator, we might soon be calling her a lady of athleisure.

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