The Best Memorial Day Weekend Sex Toy Sales To Benefit Your Wallet and Sexual Well-Being

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With May recognized as National Masturbation Month, there's perhaps no better time than now to refresh your pleasure-tool stash than right now. And thanks to Memorial Day Weekend sex toy sales, doing so can be a win for both your wallet and your well-being. After all, feeling pleasure can contribute to reduced stress and other feel-good benefits, so investing in your masturbation practice is a straight-up healthy-living win.

A number of pleasure-product retailers are offering discounts through the end of the month, Memorial Day Weekend included. But to help you cut through the noise, we rounded up eight sex toy sales that should absolutely be on your radar.

The sales feature products at as much as 50 percent and really do offer something for everyone. Keep reading to take a look at our eight picks of the best sex toy sales this Memorial Day weekend.

8 sex toy sales happening this Memorial Day Weekend

1. Mystery Vibe: 20% off

Crescendo 2 — $183.00

Was $229, now $183
The bending and curling Crescendo 2 was designed to mimic the feel and flexibility of your fingers. It’s great for maneuvering to wherever you might experience the most pleasure, whether that’s your G-spot or clitoris. This versatile vibrator also comes equipped with six vibrating motors, and it’s waterproof.

Tenuto — $212.00

Was $249, now $212
Think of the Tenuto as the ultimate cock ring. Not only does it offer stimulation from penis to perineum, but it also has vibrations strong enough to arouse any partner’s erogenous zones, as well. According to the product description, the Tenuto is easily adjustable and designed to fit any size phallus.

Poco — $119.00

Was $149, now $119
Poco is Mystery Vibe’s G-spot vibrator—and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Like the Crescendo, this sex toy bends to replicate the motion of your fingers. But, small doesn’t mean weak: It comes with two motors and 16 settings that you can play around with.

2. Good Vibration: 15% off a single item

Cute Little F**kers Princette Puppypus Vibrator — $65.00

Was $80, now $68
It’s gender-inclusive sex toy brand Cute Little F**kers’ intention to make toys for every body, and its Princette makes good on that goal. The multipurpose massager is intended for internal and external use (anal included!), is made out of silicone, and is rechargeable. It’s also waterproof.

Cal Exotics French Kiss Seducer — $62.00

Was $73, now $62
The French Kiss Seducer is a rechargeable vibrator that’s also tiny enough to bring with you on the go. Its tip is designed to emulate a tongue, and it has 12 modes to choose from. It’s also rechargeable, but you only get 70 minutes of play from an hour-and-a-half charge.

3. Lelo: deals on bundles

Spotlight — $269.00

Would be $383, is $269
In honor of Masturbation May, Lelo is offering a number of deals, including on this bundle. It includes four items: a Sila, which is a vibrator featuring clitoral suction; a Gigi 2, a G-spot vibrator; a vanilla-scented massage candle; and a moisturizing lube.

4. Lovehoney: up to 50% off select vibrators

Lelo Smart Wand Medium Rechargeable Vibrator — $90.00

Was $150, now $90
Lelo might be offering a pretty great deal on bundles on its site, but that’s not the only corner of the Internet where you can find the brand’s products at snag-worthy prices. In fact, Lovehoney has this wand vibrator on their site for 40 percent off. The most notable thing about it, though, might be how long you can actually please yourself using it. If you charge it for two hours, you can enjoy to four hours of pleasure.

Lovehoney Lust Remote Control Wearable Couples Vibrator — $45.00

Was $90, now $45
This do-it-all couples’ vibrator is essentially is extremely flexible, which means you can use it as a cock ring, directly on your clitoris, or in your vagina. It’s also remote controlled, which can add a nice spice to partnered play. Keep in mind, though, that this toy isn’t designed for anal use.

5. Velvet Co.: 20% off sitewide

The Thruster — $200.00

Was $250, now $200
Specifically for Memorial Day Weekend, Velvet Co. is offering 20 percent off sitewide through May 31, which you can access with code MD2022. When I caught wind of this sale, I knew that I had to share the news the Thruster—one of my favorite sex toys—would be more accessibly priced for the holiday. Sure, the base of it may seem long to some, but it’s necessary for the toy’s thrusting power. The thrusts aren’t painful—they just move in an up-and-down motion, which you can adjust to one of 10 settings.

6. Nasty Gal: 50% off sitewide

Mini Clitoral And Shaft Rabbit Vibrator — $39.00

Was $78, now $39
Per the product description, this sex toy is made out of silicone and “features a thick, domed shaft, tapered at the tip for targeted G-spot precision.” It comes in the cutest shade of light blue. Aside from that, it features 10 powerful pulsing vibration settings. However, this one is battery-operated—and they’re not included—so double-check that you have some by the time this vibrator ships.

10-Speed Silicone Ribbed Vibrator — $19.00

Was $38, now $19
Just like ribbed condoms are a thing, so, too, are ribbed vibrators. Nasty Gal’s version is grooved from tip to base and features 10 different speeds. It also comes with a silicone removable sleeve, which makes it easy to clean. That said, it also requires batteries—not included, either. It is waterproof, though, so it might still be worth the purchase.

7. We-Vibe BOGO 50% off sale

WeVibe Nova 2 — $150.00

The dual-stimulation We-Vibe Nova vibrator hits both internal and external erogenous zones at the same time. This option is also super-flexible, which helps keep the vibration directly on your body as you move around. It comes equipped with two motors, is rechargeable, and will even light up when it’s time to give it more juice.

We-Vibe Touch X Vibrator — $99.00

Because this baby is so compact, you can take it with you basically anywhere you go—for real, it even has a travel lock so that it doesn’t vibrate when it’s not supposed to. When you do want to use it, though, you can choose from eight different intensity levels and seven pulsation patterns. A full charge gets you up to two hours of usage, and it it’ll let you know when it’s time to plug it in.

8. Paloqueth: up to 30 percent off

Silicone Clit Sucker Nipple Stimulator — $24.00

Was $34, now $24
While its name may lead you to believe that it can only be a nipple stimulator, the truth is that you can use it on your vagina and clitoris, too. Shaped like a rose and made out of silicone, this toy is also waterproof and features a rosebud with a vibration head. The head offers 10 vibration modes and three suction options.

BDSM 10-Piece Bondage Kit — $21.00

Was $27, now $21
Whether you’re a BDSM newbie or aficionado, including bondage (where you or your partners are tied up during sexual activity) in your sexual experiences can be fun and erotic, so long as everyone’s into it. This set comes with handcuffs, ankle cuffs, a feather teaser, and a blindfold—aka the works. If that’s not enough, it also comes with a bag for you to easily bring this set wherever you want.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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