Meet The World’s Best Heating Pad, According to 63,000 5-Star Reviews

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Anyone who's ever used a heating pad knows that they're not all created equally. When sharp menstrual cramps and dull back aches are at play, the soothing gadget can come in handy—if it's the right one. Too small, and larger muscles won't get the relief they crave. Too stiff, and aches can get even achier. Too hot? Well, that's just a recipe for discomfort.

Thinking of upgrading your heating pad? Meet the Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad ($30) , which, according to Amazon customers, is the best on the market.

Mighty Bliss, Large Electric Heating Pad — $30.00

Sore muscles and achy joints are no match for this ultra-healing heating pad.

Unlike most plastic heating pads that come with an ill-fitting cover, the Mighty Bliss model is covered in ultra-plush microfiber that's soft and snuggly against even the sorest of muscles. This cushy coating adds luxurious warmth that's only elevated when the device is turned on, turning your basic heating pad into what's effectively a muscle-soothing pillow. Use it on your back, legs, shoulders, neck—it's soft enough to drape over even the most sensitive areas.

Microfiber aside, the sheer size of this thing is what makes it stand out from competitors. The Mighty Bliss measures 12-by-24-inches long, making it large enough to cover large expanses of pain, like around your upper back, behind your quads, or across your abdomen. There's no readjusting it to cover hard-to-reach areas or fiddling with it to make it fit—it's expansive enough to cover your muscles and stay in place, so you can rest easy.

"I needed a heating pad that was large enough to cover my entire back without stopping every 15 minutes to rearrange the pad," one Amazon customer wrote. "This heating pad is so soft and comfortable that it is easy to forget the wires within...I highly recommend it for comfort, safety, and overall size."

It's also beloved for its consistency. We've all used heating pads that either get too hot or don't get hot enough, or worse, have "dead spots" within that just won't get hot at all. Scroll through the Amazon reviews (there's 60,000+, BTW) and you'll find happy customers impressed with the device's ability to distribute heat. "This is the only heating pad I have ever found that had heating coils throughout, no cold spots anywhere," one buyer wrote.

"My previous heating pad had inconsistent heat, not to mention the cover wouldn't say stay on so the plastic-y part would become exposed and burn my skin. Not this pad!" another wrote. "The heat is even and the dial that controls it is easy to use. It also is soft enough that it follows the curves of your body better than a traditional heating pad."

When you're done, turn it off with the click of a button. Or, fall asleep worry-free—the device automatically shuts off in two hours, so can stay asleep soundly.

Gone are the days of using the wrong heating pad. Give your muscles and joints the relief they deserve with this extra-large heating pad, beloved by more than 60,000 satisfied Amazon customers.

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