Prevent Mindless Eating by Organizing Your Kitchen Like the Longest Living People in the World

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I often find myself wandering into the kitchen looking for a snack when I'm not even hungry. Such mindless eating means I'm not even really appreciating what's on my plate. Of course our friends in the Blue Zones—parts of the world with populations known for their longevity—have a solution for this type of mindless eating.

Living the Blue Zone way requires eating healthy foods and keeping portions reasonable, says to Brian Wansink, PhD, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think. With a fun quiz that pinpoints what will work best for your individual needs, you can learn how to reorganize your kitchen to make mindless eating a thing of the past. For example, you might keep ready-to-eat snacks portioned out in individual containers or bags to avoid the temptation of eating, like, a whole bag of popcorn, for example.

Dr. Wansink of course recommends keeping a fridge full of fruits and vegetables, but he also recommends keeping a bowl of these foods out on the counter as a visual reminder to eat enough plants. Take the quiz to find out more ways to reorganize your kitchen the Blue Zones way, according to your specific lifestyle.

The foods you should always buy organic:

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