The One Skin-Care Product Miranda Kerr Has Been Using Every Day Since She Was 26

When a supermodel shares her skin-care advice, you better believe our ears perk up to listen. And in this case, it's not just a supermodel who's sharing her secrets, but the one-and-only Miranda Kerr, who also happens to be the founder of her very own beauty brand, Kora Organics. If you look at photos of Kerr from 2007—when she first walked the runway at age 24—you'd swear that she hasn't aged a day. The one product she credits for her glowing complexion? Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil ($25).

"I’ve actually been using Noni Glow Face Oil since I was about 26 and feel like it was—and still is—a huge game-changer for me," she says. "It smooths, nourishes, brightens, and helps even skin tone and texture. It’s my holy grail oil that I use religiously morning and night. I cannot go without it!"

The oil is made with an antioxidant-and-fatty-acids rich combination of natural oils, making it a superstar for fighting off all kinds of different skin concerns. The star ingredient, noni oil, is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and anti-aging properties. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamins A and C, plus essential fatty acids, and can have powerful effects in reducing the appearance of acne scars and dullness, fighting inflammation and hyperpigmentation, and increasing skin elasticity. Seabuckthorn oil is purported to reduce inflammation and heal skin damage, and pomegranate oil has skin-barrier-repairing effects.

The oil is non-greasy and works on all skin types, but thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it's particularly great for sensitive skin. Kerr uses it every night on her own face (and every time she's on an airplane, too), and says she wakes up in the morning with hydrated, glowy skin.

To further prep her skin for sleep, Kerr follows her facial oil application with a meditation session, then spritzes her pillow with Kora Organics Calming Mist ($12). So if you're in the market for a do-it-all oil to add to your routine, consider adding this supermodel-approved one to the mix.

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