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The Digital Gym Mirror Is $500 Off and I’m Buying it at Long Last

Erin Bunch

Photo: Mirror
I want a Mirror—the revolutionary home fitness system—so badly that every so often I drop not-so-subtle hints to the Mirror team under the pretense of journalistic interest. They usually go something like this: “Hi! I’m desperate for a Mirror but earn a writer’s salary, so it’s a pipe dream. *Sad face emoji* Anyway, just saying ‘hello’ for no reason at all!”

So far, this approach has been entirely unsuccessful; however, I may finally be able to buy rather than beg as Mirror is currently offering its buzzy, highly covetable digital fitness boutique for $500 off.

The Mirror looks like a gorgeous piece of decor but is really a powerhouse machine that streams innumerable workouts in a variety of disciples (yoga, boxing, HITT, etc.) directly to you in your refuge of choice. Basically, it’s like having every boutique fitness class you’ve ever become addicted to—and all those you were too timid to try—at your disposal 24/7. And the device will even work with your injuries or unique needs to offer safer modifications and adjustments.


Shop Now: The Mirror, $995 ($1495 value)

This would’ve been an incredible investment—even at full price—a year ago given the pandemic circumstances that’ve forced us to workout at home, alone, far from our favorite boutique studios. But since (sadly) the whole situation is not magically resolving on January 1, 2021, we might be safer sweating at home for the foreseeable future—so it remains a pretty good idea. For under $1,000, this dream device is now a steal.

I’m about to click-to-purchase and am imagining that the investment will encourage me to work my body out more than my thumbs (iPhone! news! social!) for once, this year and into the next. And the Mirror team won’t have to roll their eyes at my completely transparent attempts at a freebie anymore, either. Everybody wins.

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