This on-the-Go Foam Roller Water Bottle Keeps Your Recovery Drink Cold and Your Muscles Loose

Photo: Mobot; Graphics: Well+Good Creative
Every time a fitness enthusiast blinks, a new recovery tool enters the market. Or at least that's the way it seems. Form muscle-stimulating instruments to percussive therapy devices and beyond, the trend just won't quit. Now, it's easier than ever to take your recovery routine on the road with Mobot: a water bottle-foam roller hybrid.

The Mobot water bottle comes in three sizes: 18 ounces ($40), 27 ounces ($50), and 40 ounces ($60)—and several times as many colors. The bottle solves the problem of having to transport both a water and a trigger point foam roller so you never, ever have to ignore your aching muscles. And perhaps more importantly, having it in your vicinity reminds you to take a stretch break every once and a while.

The Amazon reviews of the hydration-slash-recovery tool tell the story of endorphin-happy customers. "Does exactly what it’s supposed to. Kept my recovery drink cool and my muscles loose," writes one purchaser. "I ordered this as a birthday gift for my sister, who is heavy into CrossFit. She LOVES it and gets compliments from other gym-goers all the time. If you’re worried that 40oz is too big, it’s definitely not," says another.

Your workout routine never stops, so why should your recovery?

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