Try These Moisturizing Masks to Soothe Your Dry Winter Skin

Photo: Stocksy/Milles Studio

The price of a picture-perfect winter wonderland is harsh winds, a little bit of cabin fever—and, often, dry and flaky skin. And when you consider that there's only so much water you can (and should) drink in a day—and only so many skin-care products you can layer on at any given time—you have to take things a step further forpristine, glowing, and supple winter skin.

That means one thing: moisturizing masks to the rescue. Smear one of these on for some added hydration and multitasking during your Netflix and hygge nights in. (Or combo it with a hot bath for a "take that, December!" strategy.) I like to slather up at night—it leaves skin hydrated and ready for more moisture by the a.m. And then if you're getting your zzz's on a silk pillowcase, all the better. Who says you can't outsmart Old Man Winter? (At least when it comes to skin care.)

Keep scrolling to see the hydrating, perfect-for-freezing-temps face masks.

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