Psst—You Can Get the ‘Recovery Mattress’ Athletes Can’t Stop Raving About for 30% Off Right Now

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ICYMI, Presidents' Day ushered in a bevy of mattress sales from some of our favorite sleepy-time brands. Those sales ended last month (sad) but some are still kickin' (yay). And if there's one to not sleep on any longer, it's the Molecule sale, which is still going strong. Through the end of the month, you can get your hands, er, back, on an athlete-approved "recovery mattress"—the brand's signature sleep essential—for up to 30 percent off the regular price using the code HYBRID30. Talk about the stuff of dreams.

What's the deal with this mattress? It's beloved by all-star athletes, like Alex Morgan and Michael Phelps, for its targeted support on sore muscles and achy joints while they sleep. After a long day on the field or in the pool, Morgan and Phelps climb onto their Molecule mattresses for a good night's rest that leaves them ready for their next performance. Between the plush layers, cooling technology, and localized relief on pressure-points, the body and brain are left to reboot and rest up—whether you're an Olympic athlete or not.

But it's not just used by the best of the best—it's also made by the best of the best. All of Molecule's products are developed and tested through the brand's team of neuroscientists and sleep experts who meticulously look at all of the mechanisms that play into proper rest and recovery. From coil placement and edge design (bye bye, pointy springs) to where the materials are sourced from, the Molecule team tire endlessly over quality to give you premium products that withstand the test of time.

One aspect is thermoregulation, which is impacted significantly by the materials we sleep on. All Molecule mattresses are designed to maximize airflow and transfer heat away from the body while you snooze, allowing you to sleep soundly and comfortably throughout the night. Bye bye, night sweats. Hello, 8+ hours in dry, cool comfort.

Another is the mattress foundation itself. Your body can't get a restorative night's sleep if, say, you're tossing and turning over annoying springs or sinking into sweaty memory foam. The Molecule Hybrid Mattress ($965) blends together layers of cooling foam with individually wrapped coils for personalized pressure relief. Your spine, joints, and muscles can relax in comfort, recovering overnight for whatever life throws your way the next day.

Back to the main point—Molecule mattresses are on sale through the end of the month, up to 30 percent of the regular price. Scroll to give your body (and your bank account) the recovery it craves while you sleep.

Sleep like a champion on a Molecule mattress

Molecule Hybrid Mattresss
Molecule Hybrid Mattress - Full — $1,190.00

Originally $1299, now $1190

The brand’s best-selling full-sized hybrid mattress is 30 percent off now through the end of the month, down from $1299 to $1190. In addition to a really great night’s sleep, you’ll also get two free Molecule Infinity Pillows ($118), which features the same cooling technology as its mattress cousin.


Molecule 2 Airtec w Microban - Full — $965.00

Originally $1299, now $965

Support, airflow, and antimicrobial technology in one mattress? Yes, please. Unlike the Hybrid, the Airtec is made with a layer of open-cell cooling memory foam that transfers body heat away from you as you snooze. And it has an antimicrobial cooling cover keeps your mattress clean and germ-free night after night. For less than $1,000 bucks, recovering in this pillow/mattress bundle is a no-brainer.

Molecule 1 — $639.00

Originally $799, now $639

Simple but effective, Molecule’s original mattress has everything you need to get some healthy, restorative rest. Crawl onto one of these bad boys at the end of the day, and feel tension and stress just melt away into that plush, pressure-point relieving foam. Nab yours for 25 percent off right now.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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