This $8 Shampoo and Conditioner Launched 2 Months Ago, and 10,000 Bottles Already Sell Every Day

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Two months ago, New Zealand-based hair-care brand Monday brought its millennial pink shampoo and conditioner bottles all the way from the Southern Hemisphere to beauty shelves right here in the U.S. Already, the brand is selling seven bottles per minute—which nets out to 10,000 bottles per day. The reason? The concept of the line is to let users mix and match targeted products to come up with a personalized routine that takes into consideration multiple factors.

The line includes four different types of shampoo and conditioner, which work to target particular hair concerns. First up? The Moisture duo combines coconut oil and hydrolyzed rice protein to strengthen your scalp and nourish your strands, leaving them moisturized and shiny. Next comes Smooth, which features vitamin E and shea butter to lock in moisture, repair damage, and do away with frizz. Then there's the Gentle pairing, which utilizes a vitamin E and coconut oil formulation that makes it safe for use on fine, thin hair. Finally, there are the Volume products, made with vitamin B5, which is known to be the "gold standard" to moisturize both hair and scalps alike. Each bottle also has ginger root extract, which stimulates blood flow in your scalp.

In each category, the shampoo and conditioner rely on the same star ingredients, but what's really cool about the line is that it encourages you to configure the products based on your individual needs. So, for example, if you're dealing with multiple hair concerns at once—for example, a dry scalp and flat strands—you can use the Moisture shampoo and the Volume conditioner for your own DIY hair-care regimen. “Hair is complex, and may need different things at different times,” Glamsquad Creative Director Giovanni Vaccaro previously told Well+Good. "Combination hair" is just as much a thing as combination skin, which means you may not need exactly the same treatment on your roots as you do on your ends. “Sometimes hair may need volume at the roots and moisture on the ends, so it’s great to build your product wardrobe so that you can give your hair that it needs, when it needs it," he says.

At only $8 a bottle, you'll be tempted to fill your shower with nearly every product from the line, if only to ensure that you have all your bases covered. It's no wonder this stuff is flying off the shelves by the minute.


When your hair is dry, moisturizing your scalp is just as important as moisturizing your strands, and these formulas do both. Coconut oil is packed with fatty acids that nourish your scalp and leave hair feeling shiny, hydrated, and smooth, and hydrolyzed rice protein works to stimulate collagen in your scalp, strengthening strands and making it easier for them to retain the moisture they need for optimal health.


These products set out to solve for dryness-induced frizz. They utilize vitamin E and shea butter to infuse hair with moisture, and the antioxidant properties help to protect your strands from environmental damage. It’s just as good for your scalp as it is for your strands, though, and is basically like a tall drink of smoothness-inducing water for both areas.


Dealing with hair that just feels kind of meh? These formulas use scalp-stimulating ginger extract and moisturizing B5 to add a little bit of oomph to flat hair. What’s more? They also bring a heavy dose of moisture, and help to prevent split ends and improve hair elasticity.


For hair that needs some extra tender love and care, this gentle formula is the perfect pick. Designed with fine, fragile hair types in mind, the combination of vitamin E and coconut oil will go easy on your scalp and strands while giving them the nutrients and moisture they need. The result? Stronger, healthier hair overall.

Looking to hack your haircare routine based on your texture? Check out the video below. 

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