9 Yoga Mats That Will Add a Mood-Boosting Aesthetic to Your Flow

Photo: Instagram/@manduka
For someone who has trouble actually sitting down to meditate (even though it doesn't need to take long!), yoga can function as a cathartic outlet. While a great vinyasa flow can be a totally effective mind-quieting practice, sometimes you need a helping hand—or, in this case, a totally chic mat that doubles as eye candy during chaturanga—to keep your mind from wondering about your unanswered texts.

Yep, your trusty shavasana mattress can also be regarded as a piece of artwork that helps you zone out and focus on something other than your to-do list for an hour. These mats are obviously functional and will bring some mood-boosting color (and even encouraging messages) to your practice. Use one for the days when you're WOFH (working out from home) or as the perfect backdrop for Instagramming that pose you just mastered

Get your flow on with these beautiful mats.

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