Cabin Fever Impacting Your Sex Life? Here Are 8 Ways To Create Mood Lighting in Your Home

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Novelty can lend a much-needed spark to a sex life that feels routine, but sometimes you need to get extra creative. That starts with cultivating a more romantic atmosphere in the home. And even if you're someone who's been spending much more time at home these days, creating that environment doesn't have to be super-difficult; different solid mood lighting ideas can go a long way.

Of course, one person's sexual fantasy can be another's erotic nightmare, and that extends to mood lighting. For instance, many of consider classic candlelight as a go-to for romance, while others fear kicking over a fire hazard in the throes of passion. Some consider purple to be a deeply sexy color for a bedroom (see: my adolescent obsession with black lights). Others might think, "um, I don't want to feel like I'm having a tantric night with Barney the Dinosaur."

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All points are valid, and ultimately, mood lighting might take the form of whatever truly makes you look and feel better. "For a lot of people, having nice lighting is about feeling confident in their own skin," psychotherapist and sex therapist Vanessa Marin previously told Well+Good. "Soft lighting helps them relax and turn off their self-conscious brains."

With that in mind, we have something to turn on for every, well, turn-on. Below, find eight different mood lighting ideas to reignate your flame.

8 different mood lighting ideas to help reignite a romantic spark

1. GE Vintage Amber Glass LED Light Bulbs, $13

According to research from lighting supplier Electrical Direct, the most popular lighting color of famous sex scenes in film is rich caramel brown. If you're looking for an easy solution, considering switching out the bright white bulbs in your lamps with these Edison-style amber orbs.

Shop Now: GE Vintage Amber Glass LED Light Bulbs, $13

2. Byredo Black Burning Rose Candle, $85

Sometimes all you need is a single sweet-smelling scented candle to bring in an amorous air. If you're interested in an investment, this Byredo candle can burn for 60 hours (read: all. night. long.) and also brings a sultry smokiness to your classic rose aroma.

Shop Now: Byredo Black Burning Rose Candle, $85

3. Ember Wall Light, $175

This minimalist chic wall light was constructed with sensuality in mind. Energy-efficient with a seamless dimmer switch, use the Ember as a green light (metaphorically speaking) on bedroom activities.

Shop Now: Ember Wall Light, $175

4. Fairy Lights Plug In, $12

I'm a longtime fan of leaving Christmas decorations up through April, and fun fact: That aesthetic can also set the mood. Twinkle lights bring a youthful, ethereal playfulness to any bedroom, so hang them up and imagine you're boinking in a magical fairy garden.

Shop Now: Fairy Lights Plug In, $11

5. Globe Electric Smart Wi-Fi 60-Watt Bulb, $20

adore this multi-hued smart bulb, which comes with a companion app that allows a range of lighting settings. You can choose lighting for focus and alertness, or slip on something cool-toned (indigo, maybe) for a unique experience. Full disclosure, the app can be complicated to install—I have this in my living room, and getting it lit was a journey. But once you're in, it's a wonderful novelty investment for times you want to change up aesthetics completely.

Shop Now: Globe Electric Smart Wi-Fi 60-Watt Bulb, $20

6. Dimming Slider and On/Off Toggle Switch, $16

Let's say the lighting itself isn't something you want to mess with; instead, you're just interested in getting that cinematic transition from light to dark. Installing a dimming slider is an easy way to do this. This way, you have a larger spectrum for electricity usage...regardless of whether you're trying to get in the mood.

Shop Now: Dimming Slider and On/Off Toggle Switch, $16

7. Women Figure Goddess Candle, $17

Goddess candles are overt in their divinely sexual aura, and for a candlelight setup that's bold, mystical, and Aprodite-esque, these excellent melting babes fit the bill. They're perfect for Venus-ruled star signs like Taurus and Libra, as well as hyper spiritual Pisces and intimacy-seeking Scorpio.

Shop Now: Women Figure Goddess Candle, $17

8. LED Galaxy Star Night Light Projector, $20

Finally, if you've ever had a fantasy of banging under the stars (it's okay, this is a safe space), a galaxy projector might be a fun way to spruce up your room. Let the faux constellations be your guide to a completely revitalized sex life...or at least a few star-studded romps.

Shop Now: LED Galaxy Star Night Light Projector, $21


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